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February 21, 2015

Hotel simulation– a real leadership Experience


On Tuesday, our class was ‘hotel simulation’ and at the beginning, we need a leader but I don't really want to be leader because I know it will be very hard and long day, I afraid if I can handle it. But thanks to my teammate: Fatima, Francis, Hussein, Saisha, Carina and Dev, they encourage me to be a leader, and I raised my hand to do it.

During the paper reading, I found it is a little bit difficult, that make me realise I need to improve my reading skill. And when the reading time up, we back to classroom. I try to make our team member together and give them a brief, but it seems not esay to go through. I only can stand a corner and explain to them. When my Deputy leader Fatima came back, she shows her strong leadership to organise the team member, and all the time they did their job, I stand back and sometimes point out the mistake.

I found the leader have a clear strategy is one thing, and the actual implementation of the strategy into reality is another matter. Even you have a gold but organise very bad, it cannot be success. And lack of confidence is another problem of me. Because this is the first time I be the leader, I totally have no idea how to do.

After the excise, I think a lot, Perhaps at the beginning of the simulation, I need to set up the role for everyone, just like a real company have advertisement sector, financial sector, marking sector etc., they give the result to two leaders to make the decision.

Even that is not a very successful experience, but I did try my best. And in the future, I will never afraid to be a leader. So, thanks to this module and thanks to Pauls, Pauls let all people to be a leader at least once.

Maybe in the future, not every one can be a leader, but that experience will has affect to them all the life.  

Learned from Coffee time


On Monday, we have a exercise called coffee time, it is about the coffee machine be putted to a far and small kitchen. And there is one manager and four employees. The employees need to communicate with the manager and find out how to solve this problem. My role was an old employee which stayed on the company longer than the manager, so I allowed to have coffee as much as I want. Can I talk to my manager which was Francis. And that meeting was very successful. And after that, I found some skills I learned:

First, the complaint should be kept unobstructed channels.

Foster a culture in the enterprise, any employee has the right to lodge a complaint to the authorities on an event, especially in the high-tech enterprises. Thus, between employees and businesses can communicate effectively, employees believed to be involved in the management, there is a sense of ownership, will be more active efforts to work. Like in the ‘coffee time’, we have a problem that we can direct discuss with the manager in order to fine out the solution.

Second: To deal with complaints quickly and fair.

Otherwise, employees complained each other, resulting in low morale, affecting the normal work. Finally, still need to solve the initial complaint and its negative impact. Again, we discuss with manager, let the leader level people know what we want, and how to solve it.

Third: listening intently.

From a psychological point of view, when people think they have been treated unfairly or depression, the best solution is to say the feelings in order to ease the psychological pressure and the resulting uneven. So, when staff complaints, employees need to understand the feelings, listen patiently. In listening to the process, it should not define their position in order not to hurt people's way to find the root cause of the problem. In the ‘coffee time’, Francis had a very good patient, she listened every employees’ requirement, she let us came down very quick. I think that is the personality of Francis is very soft and gentle. It will have the effect on leadership style.

Fourth: to create a positive atmosphere for conversation.

After employees speaking, the first response to the trust of employees expressed his thanks and asked employees to make reasonable suggestions, involved in the handling of this complaint. Thus, the staff to relax tension and gradually accept you psychologically. At this point, frankly indicate your position, matter, to influence complaints against itself and events. Francis also create a positive environment for discussion, it helps everyone and involve it.

Fifth: handling complaints feedback.

After dealing with complaints, things did not end, the need to make this complaint tracking feedback, make sure that the correct solution. Francis gave her suggestion for employees. And finally all employees agree of it.

That was a successful meeting.

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