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October 17, 2014

How to be a excellence manager?


Each employee development are inseparable from a strong leadership, leadership plays a very important role in the growth of employees. An excellence leader is not only strong itself, but also can help the employees be stronger as well.

In today's enterprise, humane management are regarded as most corporate talent management philosophy, leadership in helping employees should concern the growth process to guide and train employees. Leaders must be able to effectively influence and promote employees, giving employees with recognition and incentives, so that employees fully develop their talents, to achieve the most perfect performance.

Manager should:

- Be a good listener, providing favorable support for employees. Listen to allow leaders quickly understand the concerns and ideas of employees to facilitate the leadership to take a more favorable approach to provide support for employees.

- Proper authorization, give full play to the ability of employees. Authorized correct or not, it relate to the ability of employees and the outcome. Authorized employees to do a job is not easy. Manger must make sure that he fully understand their new responsibilities assumed and have the knowledge and ability to successfully complete this task.

- Motivate employees, stimulate potential employees. When the employee did a good job, the manager should say:’ good job, well done!”. It will motivate a lot.

- Training staff mind-set. An excellent leader, has the ability to train employees to think of judgment, there is the ability to question conventional thinking and behavior behind the assumption. First, diagnose the problem. By finding problems, encourage employees to correct thinking, looking for the cause of the problem and solutions. Second, encourage employees has independent judgment. Training their confidence in the ability of independent thinking by helping to make decisions. Third, pay attention to the positive feedback, do not blow employee motivation, but do not be afraid employees to make mistakes. Fourth, encourage employees to continue to explore and grow, and to actively share manager’s knowledge and experience.

As Paul said, a good manager is not make a order to the employees, is let the employees thinking and bring the solution to discuss. Manager just help to make it better.

Also in EFQM model, leadership is the first concept, which show the important.

We should have critical thinking

critical thinking

In recent years, we all like to talk about the difference between Chinese and Western thinking. A more general argument is more logical thinking for Westerners and Chinese people's thinking are more systematically. Essentially, the method and route of thinking there is no fundamental difference exists.

Critical thinking is to absorb external information, to ask appropriate questions according to their needs, get training and cognitive thinking of new areas constantly question and answer process.

Key academic critique whether we have ideas and critical thinking skills, or whether we are a critical thinker. Of course, this is our tradition and institutional environment, with specific educational goals we established related. The general public especially the scholars to recognize academic criticism in academic role in the innovation process, master critical thinking skills, promote academic criticism is important.

Critical thinking and Innovation also has a very close relationship. Innovation is an activity to generate social value of new achievements. Innovative thinking and critical thinking consistent content, interaction, indivisible. We can not put the two against each other.

In study, we should understand critical thinking is so important. It is a very good method to help us to develop our mind, think about:

- What is the topic? What is the conclusion?

- What are the reasons?

- What words are ambiguous?

- Fallacious reasoning in it?

- How much the credibility of the evidence?

- Any things can be improved?

These questions are valuable for the postgraduate student in study.

Heteronomy and Autonomy

Each person the freedom to pursue an inherent requirement, always want to make breakthroughs in certain specification constraints to achieve easy and free state, and population characteristics of human social life also requires that each person must learn and work within a certain range, and engaged other social activities. Otherwise, individual freedom cannot be achieved.

Outside forces to control and correct human behaviour with great uncertainty, and really do it when there are a lot of difficulties, because human behaviours is complex and diverse, in our society, almost no way to manage for all the people, and only the system can play a management role.

Autonomy is strict demands on themselves, their own specifications. Overcome difficulties in learning and in life depends mainly on their own, to correct bad habits and bad behavior are mainly on their own. Poor self-control and self-discipline of the force who are poor, it is difficult to imagine in his career to have any success.

So,in the postgraduate level, student should have Autonomy. Do the things right and do the right things, for their work such as PMA, shoule self- evaluation, find out the relevance method to make a good job.

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