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February 10, 2015

Manager vs Leader

mangager vs leader

Leaders provide the direction of things, you need to grasp the development direction of the organization from a macro, long-term planning for the organization, but we should always think about how to break the natural order, and innovation, by carrying out innovative activities for organizational change. Leaders of the organization to be solved is the development of fundamental issues, but also on the future organization to some extent predictable, in general, their work should have a broad, innovative and forward-looking. Managers need to do is something specific, you need to do under the existing planning guidance in detail the work to contribute to the organization of daily work, managers need to study not change, but how to maintain and stabilize the current good condition maintain, so sometimes managers will make some repetitive tasks, managers do not need to treat excessive trace the origin of the problem, they have to do is to have a good solution to the problems, in general, their work has a specific character, repeatability reality.

As mentioned in many articles as the leader in the activities of the main use of personal charm, good leader with charisma affect their subordinates, so they are willing to obey the leader, willing to follow the leader says to do it. The managers seem to be more inclined to the powers conferred on the use of the organization to do something, the manager with the authority to establish the majesty makes the lower level "fear" and had obeyed the managers’ command, to do things according to their instructions.

A good manager can be learned and cultivated, but good managers are more likely congenital.

The leader asked to do the right thing. Managers require to do the thing right.

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