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February 09, 2015

The advantages of teamwork


The modern society is not only the competition of knowledge and capital strength, more is a team strength competition. The talented person in the enterprise is not only the independent performance of professional skills, more important is to have a sense of participation and a sense of mission of the team goal, so people only into the team in order to play a greater potential, so we should learn to cooperate with others.When we give of their time, energy, passion and wisdom to the team at the same time, the team also can give us a platform for growth and development opportunities.

Team work depends on the cooperation between people, realize win-win cooperation from the team spirit to firmly establish the. Team spirit is in the modern enterprise management is emphasized, attaches great importance to team spirit, because it can produce enormous function.

To keep the teamwork spirit and cohesion in the daily work, communication is an important part. The relatively smooth communication channels, frequent exchange of information and makes each member of the team does not have the feeling of oppression, then the work will become easy to produce results, the target can be realized smoothly. It also contains a good leader and set the accurate target, or the direction.When the goals of the individual and team goals, employees will be produced in the company's trust, will improve the morale.

Some thinking about [feedback]

Today is the first day back to WMG for the leadership class. The topic in the morning was [feedback]. Which was one team discuss and another team watch and listen. Then give the feedback to the discuss team. This excise can improve both two teams.

I think effective feedback mechanism is a necessary condition to achieve the goal. Whether in management or in guidance activities, for some of the problems, the person who will give the feedback does not need to implement a punitive way immediately, they only need to explain how to do. In the feedback, encouragement and criticism need to correctly use. The basic way to encourage and criticisms are to grasp, cannot be neglected. Encouragement is important, but not exaggerated; criticism for errors and problems to be timely, careful, not ridicule and sarcasm. To encourage and criticize practical results, the key is understanding and respect, with a keen sense of intelligence and communication remedy.

The Observer of me was Yumeng, she recorded everything I said, after the team discuss. She gave me every smooth feedback, she pointed out what is my weakness and how can I do it better in the future. From feedback excise, I got some feeling and thinking, feedback is very good between team members or friend, because they can keep improve together.

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