May 05, 2010

May 05 2010 Team study

Today we used the Analysis Matrix summarise the most important characters in the given leadership definition and chose the suitable leadership function wrote down our leadership definition.

But , I am thinking that, the definition is only a summarise work, is it accurate ? Or there are a better way to define a leadership ? Besides, we know nothing about these given definitions, how did the author define these, what methods they use, just count how many times they mention about the characters in the definition, it seems not good.

And glad to talk to Julia, we share some ideas about the leadership.  I think, in julia opinion, Leadership means "service" and influence others to work for him.  And, I think authority maybe the pre-condition to a leader, no one can be a leader without the right to make a desicion. These two points are not included in the definitions which are given.

At last, we all agree there maybe different understands about "Leadership" base on different backgroud, so more discuss maybe good for us to expand our visions.

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  1. indeed, if i could add one element in leadership definition, I would say leaders lead the people by serving.
    as for the authority you mentioned, if one could only influence people by given positional power, what is the value of leadership after all?
    like Paul mentioned on the first day, I think people would rather to be saluted as an individual rather than to patches and badges.

    06 May 2010, 00:34

  2. I agree with Wan…if one waits to get given authority before exercising leadership then it is likely that they will be waiting forever (and anyway, who are you waiting for authority from?)...authority comes with position and position as we know, must be earned. If you also look at some of the effective leaders of the past like Malcolm X, society did not give them the position nor the authority to lead anyone but they saw a situation and stood up for what they believed in.

    06 May 2010, 15:01

  3. Building upon such perspective, I firmly believe that, at the core of leadership resonates uncertainty, as leaders within the context of n organisation are required to make decisions based upon the fulfilment of the wider organisational vision which can often be complex to translate to direct action.

    Therefore exercising caution cannot be considered as the most appropriate approach, with this in mind a famous saying is brought to mind:
    “It is better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission”
    when applied to leadership, it can be considered that it is essential for the leader to break away from what is prescribed acceptable and instead disrupt the current thinking to trigger change and a new status quo.

    06 May 2010, 19:12

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