May 22, 2010

0522 L&E planning

Today,while I write down " A leader should not better than all the followers " I remenber a chinese story.

A king asks his general "how many soldiers you can control in a war?" the general says " the more the better" . Then the king asks " how about me ?" The general says " no more than 10,000 , but you can control numberless generals like me , which I cannot."

2 points: 1.There is different skills in leading different teams. 2.We are no need to better than the followers we lead, but we have to good at leading them. Some one said something like that, I employ who is better than me" I think, it should be " I employ some one who I can not do better in their job". Besides, I think find out some who is better in some areas is a very very hard job.  There are genius every where, but it is real hard to recognize them. This not only requires knowledge, but also experience .  So, I am considering is it a good idea to have a travel? To meet or talk to many people, many different types of people ? :)

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  1. Vic, thanks for sharing nice and short story and your analysis on that. I agree that different skills are required for leading different teams and the nature of leadership may also very according to the followers. I struggle to relate ancient kings and worriers etc to the modern organisational leaders.

    Today, the philosophy of hiring the best people seems unrealistic to me. It all depends on verity of factors…

    Your idea of travel and meeting or talking to many different types of people seems interesting but in my opinion, needs consideration at certain levels.

    23 May 2010, 20:00

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