May 18, 2010

0518 Hurry up !!Future leaders!!!!

Many works! I have to hurry up. It seems leaders shoul work harder than followers to set up a good example...>_<

There are always some person late for class. If these happen in chinese, three things may happen: 1.Teacher tell everyone the class may start at 8:30, then while he come to class at 9 next day,everyone is siting in the class. 2.Set a rule,everyone who later for class will lose 2 marks for pma. 3.option2 + if no one later for class, everyone will get 1 extra marks for pma. Obviously , Option 1 cannot work if it use too many. Option 2 will make some student hates teacher, and option reduce this adverse effect. However, option 2 use most in china....It seems teachers do not need to motivate students?

The most important thing in "Hotel"exercise is TIME! Wajid is good leader, but he read the material for us , which wast many time. And Faisal pretend to be a senior staff who is not promoted within the firm. I think the most important thing is collect as much imformation as soon as possible to understand the game:)

2 little things:1."first impression" is  really important, I means Faisal create a excellent ppt yesterday( we collect data and make some slides , he combine them:)), so we all agree to let him create tomorrow' ppt.2.These days, every morning, when I wake up the thing it tell my self," they will not eat you , they will not kill you, just open your mouth vic...."( I don't know why when I using English, I will lost confident) And these words seems works, I talk much today....

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  1. Vic, would you not call the 2nd option as positional power????

    and appreciate your effort in the last paragraph.

    19 May 2010, 05:21

  2. Paul Roberts

    Vic, you reflect well and I should like to pick up on your last point. This module is not about who does the best presentation, it is about leadership. Being a follower can be useful in developing your understanding of the topic, but there is no substitute for practice and this module provides a safe environment in which to practice. You may find Susan Jeffers book useful. See it at, or the library has copies at

    19 May 2010, 09:15

  3. Vic, further to our brief conversation a couple of days ago, regarding why you felt that you was unable to contribute to the group as much as you would like. I would have to say that Paul’s comments provide a good insight; ‘a leader cannot and should not be measured on based upon how much they talk and mix with others in the team. Verily it is what and how the individual is talking about, that should be noted’.

    Reflecting on my personal behaviour within the group, since the start of the week.

    I would say there is a great deal I need to work on to even be half way to becoming an ‘effective leader’. I would say there are often times where I am talking but adding little or no value to the task at hand, personally I feel that a an effective leader must be able to determine the right time to be quiet and step back (i thnik this in its self is a skill and discipline.

    P.S thank you for such kind words in earlier blog :)

    19 May 2010, 22:36

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    19 May 2010, 23:47

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    20 May 2010, 06:53

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    20 May 2010, 06:55

  7. Wow, interesting experience of that module, we still have one module left in this month, maybe you can tell us something about your learning and domenstrate them to us, looking forward…

    20 May 2010, 11:09

  8. Sometimes, a little encouragement is good for us to be confident, from my perspective, you just throw yourself in front of others, then you have to speak without an alternative, and I call this way the ‘suicide’.

    20 May 2010, 11:16

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