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July 05, 2010

L&E 5th July

Finally , I finished my PMA . It seems Reflective writing is much more harder than assignment.

I think, Hshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard are good strategy deployment tools. And there are many other leadership theories and approaches can be used to make WaveRiders become a successful company once again. But no matter what methods are used, find out the correct direction, collect the unbiased information and create a clear strategy should be come first. Besides, there is no a single reason for success, the more the company considers, the more chance it will be success.

But, on the other hand, we are living in an information explosion society, not all the information is true or useful for decision. select the right one may be half the success.

L&E 4th July

I just thinking, the leadership theories and approaches we are using for WaveRiders can be used for our real life.

I am using both Hoshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard to analyse WaveRiders to make it become a successful company once again. I think, maybe we can use these theories for ourselves, isn¡¯t it? Use Hoshin Kanri as example, collect the information, SWOT analysis, set up a long term strategy, devide the long term strategy into more detail mid-term plan, breake down the mid-term plan into annual plan and make annual review. We can plan our life like this. And for Balanced Scorecard, choose some most important aspect for our life. For example: Family, career and love. Create a vision, set up the target, collect the information, measure them, and develop an implementation plan. Is it a good idea?

Another thing, while I am reading our web-material, I found some word to support my oppion in previous blog " Leaders have some thing make them different from others and make others follow them". DuBrin(1998) consider there are 8 types or sources of power leaders may have: Leadership power;Power granted by organization (position power);Power arising from characteristics of leader (personal power);Power from ownership;Power from providing resources;Power arising from taking an opportunity;Power from managing critical problems;Power from being close to power.

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