July 05, 2010

L&E 5th July

Finally , I finished my PMA . It seems Reflective writing is much more harder than assignment.

I think, Hshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard are good strategy deployment tools. And there are many other leadership theories and approaches can be used to make WaveRiders become a successful company once again. But no matter what methods are used, find out the correct direction, collect the unbiased information and create a clear strategy should be come first. Besides, there is no a single reason for success, the more the company considers, the more chance it will be success.

But, on the other hand, we are living in an information explosion society, not all the information is true or useful for decision. select the right one may be half the success.

L&E 4th July

I just thinking, the leadership theories and approaches we are using for WaveRiders can be used for our real life.

I am using both Hoshin Kanri and Balanced Scorecard to analyse WaveRiders to make it become a successful company once again. I think, maybe we can use these theories for ourselves, isn¡¯t it? Use Hoshin Kanri as example, collect the information, SWOT analysis, set up a long term strategy, devide the long term strategy into more detail mid-term plan, breake down the mid-term plan into annual plan and make annual review. We can plan our life like this. And for Balanced Scorecard, choose some most important aspect for our life. For example: Family, career and love. Create a vision, set up the target, collect the information, measure them, and develop an implementation plan. Is it a good idea?

Another thing, while I am reading our web-material, I found some word to support my oppion in previous blog " Leaders have some thing make them different from others and make others follow them". DuBrin(1998) consider there are 8 types or sources of power leaders may have: Leadership power;Power granted by organization (position power);Power arising from characteristics of leader (personal power);Power from ownership;Power from providing resources;Power arising from taking an opportunity;Power from managing critical problems;Power from being close to power.

June 29, 2010

L&E 28 June

These two days I am reviewing our lecture online material, and try to structure my pma. I learned many things from the online materials, just like I am studying this module again. And I think, there may be two weak point in our previous inmoudule assignment.

First, I think ,maybe we thought too much about our business. I means, we should consider our competitors, what they would do and what would be their response after we deploy our strategy. I think, we should think about this and make some assumption to help us.

Second, maybe we thought too much about the tools. Hoshin Kanri , Balance score card. I suggest we should create a good internal envirnment. Because we know these tools , so do our competitors. Hoshin Kanri , Balance score card may not give us too much advantage. To defeat our competitors, we should consider more. :)

June 10, 2010

L&E What can a leader do with his oversea group

These days , I am running a simulation in a group. To credible our data, we do our parts in different place and cannot talk to others during the simulation. But the problem is , while there is something go wrong, we will lost many time to find out where it is. And while we have different idea we even lose whole day in arguement.

So I have a problem, there are many multinational enterprises in the world, how do they manage their organization. How do CEOs control their oversea business?

Most of the time they cannot talk to their manager team directly. Maybe they will have regular online meeting,but something is real hard to explain ( eg. financial decision ) and leaders will have no idea what he's groupmates doing. Are there any tools or technology to strengthen comunication in multinational enterprise.??

May 23, 2010

0523 Leadership & Excellence, What is your belief?

Thanks Wajid, You give me really useful comment. Yes, most of time we cannot choose our followers, we can only choose our actions.

I think I forgot something in my previous entries, belief and responsibility. We know that, every great leader give up many things. For example, comfortable life. What courage and fortitude they need!! So , what make them do this? Love? Honour? Belief? Responsibility? When they face a problem, what will come to their mind first? What make them strong and give them power? I know the answer maybe various,but , can I say that that is something they cannot give up and believe it must be done which make them keeping up?

Nick said, while he is doing presentation, he will think he is representing the whole team, and he can lose , but the team cannot ! Therefore, he tyr to do his best every time. No one is superior to others, after followers 120% efforts to the work, what should a leader do for followers? It is leaders' Responsibility

May 22, 2010

0522 L&E planning

Today,while I write down " A leader should not better than all the followers " I remenber a chinese story.

A king asks his general "how many soldiers you can control in a war?" the general says " the more the better" . Then the king asks " how about me ?" The general says " no more than 10,000 , but you can control numberless generals like me , which I cannot."

2 points: 1.There is different skills in leading different teams. 2.We are no need to better than the followers we lead, but we have to good at leading them. Some one said something like that, I employ who is better than me" I think, it should be " I employ some one who I can not do better in their job". Besides, I think find out some who is better in some areas is a very very hard job.  There are genius every where, but it is real hard to recognize them. This not only requires knowledge, but also experience .  So, I am considering is it a good idea to have a travel? To meet or talk to many people, many different types of people ? :)

0521 Last day in Leadership & Excellent module..

That is not the end, it is another start....(never end..)

"life is about making chooses" " If you don't want to be a leader, no one can make you become you leader" Therefore, what you thinks make where you are.

Here is a little review of what I  learn. What is leadership? It is quite hard to answer, i try to answer in another way. What is different between a group having a leader and a group without a leader?  A team have a leader is expected to be more efficient , productive and objective. So what the leader is some one influence the team toward the goal and efficient (maybe everyone work 120% efforts). How does a leader do this. Comunication,behaviour, influence. And what is the relationship between a leader and excellence?Organization needs good leaders using some tools to achieve excellence. Balance scorcard, Hoshin Kanri and Re-engineering is good methods deploy leaders strategies.

Thanks Paul thanks everyone ~! It is really a wonderful experience studying with u~I love u all!!!:)

May 20, 2010

0520 L&E We are improving~!

Team exercise, I am in a very very very good team today~we are so close to the victory, what we need is just a little luck...Not only everyone in our team have a real good performance, but also the leader style is suitable to the followers~and Wajid is much better than last time...so did i :)

"Our next generation will consider 'green' more" these words make me think that, to maximum the profit, we should do the right thing at the right place in the right time. So is it good for WaveRider using CSR now? 1.Who are our main customers? Do they consider "green" before using our product? 2. If we implement CSR, how to make them know we are vigorous social responsibility?And make it become our Competitive advantage?

Tomorrow is the last day for leadership & excellent module, but there are still many things we should learn before leaders ~ fighting~!

May 19, 2010

0519 Good Day~!

Thanks Dr. Roberts, I had requested that book :)

Just small interesting finding, in the "coaching", the " bad things" and " good things" are two different types word. I means "Bad things" looks like some bad behaviors, but the " good things" seems a relaxed environment (for example,XX individual. XX personal). So, as Dr. Knowles said, there isn't any omnipotent way to coach everyone.

Yesterday, Julia mention that, Lukasz is a good listener in our group, but is a dominate leader in the "Hotel" Game.Lukasz argued that, during the "Hotel " game, he lead a very total different team, everyone is positive and he need to be dominate to control the team. "Need to be", quite interesting point, if you cannot change your team member, you have to change yourself to adapte them:)

Just receive our final PPT...I found my slides are very very very conciseness..shall i add some words on it ?>_<

May 18, 2010

0518 Hurry up !!Future leaders!!!!

Many works! I have to hurry up. It seems leaders shoul work harder than followers to set up a good example...>_<

There are always some person late for class. If these happen in chinese, three things may happen: 1.Teacher tell everyone the class may start at 8:30, then while he come to class at 9 next day,everyone is siting in the class. 2.Set a rule,everyone who later for class will lose 2 marks for pma. 3.option2 + if no one later for class, everyone will get 1 extra marks for pma. Obviously , Option 1 cannot work if it use too many. Option 2 will make some student hates teacher, and option reduce this adverse effect. However, option 2 use most in china....It seems teachers do not need to motivate students?

The most important thing in "Hotel"exercise is TIME! Wajid is good leader, but he read the material for us , which wast many time. And Faisal pretend to be a senior staff who is not promoted within the firm. I think the most important thing is collect as much imformation as soon as possible to understand the game:)

2 little things:1."first impression" is  really important, I means Faisal create a excellent ppt yesterday( we collect data and make some slides , he combine them:)), so we all agree to let him create tomorrow' ppt.2.These days, every morning, when I wake up the thing it tell my self," they will not eat you , they will not kill you, just open your mouth vic...."( I don't know why when I using English, I will lost confident) And these words seems works, I talk much today....

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