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June 29, 2010

The Management Essentials….

The management of people is about five things. First, the recruiting of talented, productive, motivated people. Having done that one needs to select the best and reject the less able, motivated, or dedicated. Third, management must engage their heads and hearts so that they are maximally happy and productive. Fourth, there is the necessity of developing staff so that individuals are enabled to reach their full potential. Finally, managers need to know how, when, and why to let people go (to “exit” them) so that they leave with dignity and positive feelings about the organization.

People stay productive and loyal because of many things: their personality, values, and life situation; their available opportunities; and, but most frequently, because of the way they are managed. All the more important then that things are well managed. There are clearly things to do if trying to manage in turbulent times:

Re-engage through frequent, consistent, and honest communication – such as lunchtime workshops.

•       Lead from the front: strongly, boldly, and adventurously giving confidence to others.

Learn from previous recessions: beware of cutting that which adds customer value, not going for big gestures – and so getting the little things right.

Fix the leaks that soon appear when people leave or things are cut.

Innovate: get creative with all the stakeholders.

Change: sharpen your focus, streamline processes.

Try to attract talent badly managed elsewhere: see this as an opportunity.

Prepare for economic recovery which will (eventually) come.

I can not understand that sort of cliches . I do not believe that is truth or fact. Management of people is not about just five things. What about money ? It is quite an important element of every management story. I have met a lot of people in the business world . They were so dedicated , talented , productive and motivated people , but unfortunately they were became a bunch of unhappy  invisible people into work environment by their manager because of lack of sense of justice.

Everyday they have been treated  by the system or heavy red tape  as a small substance. The most important cliche is ,which I can not stand it anymore , adding value in people. Go on then what is the value , how can you add people value with management essentials ? How can you make a balance between substantial emotional needs and financial demands as a manager with all these theoreticalapproaches. 

June 27, 2010

Time is running out…..

I have been reading a lot of articles to write  my Leadership and Excellence PMA for last three weeks. I have finished two books and plenty of articles that have never be good enough for me to feel ready for my assignment.  In the end I have just felt that Leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

Still I do not have any idea about where should I start from ? I have so many points  to put in and I have so many questions to answer for it. Also there are a lot of the volume of studies which  have not produced the same amount of clarity. 

I won't run
When the sky turns to flame
And I sure won't budge
When the earth does shake
When the flood comes up
I will dance in the rain
'Cause it's all the same to me

And it's all I live for
The air I breathe
So it's all the same to me
Yeah, it's all the same to me

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