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May 22, 2010

Summary of leadership and excellence …..

I have been thinking , reading and writing about Leadership and Excellence for 3 weeks.  Since I  have chosen Paul's module, I really let him to be my personal coach into the module.  I can definitely say that I was there with the bottom of my heart to learn something and  to have new light upon his wisdom.  Most of the times I really impressed with his charm , even  I used my imagination about him :)  , but sometimes I felt that I bog down with his repetitions.   Moreover, one  day I have thanked to him to make me feel important in his class room , but other day I did  feel angry about his soldier style, approach or perspectives.  In conclusion I think I needed a hero within story of my master degree. That's why I chose him spontaneously to be a hero in my story. Yet I forget  an important point which is there is no hero for anyone or any story. I should believe in myself more. In the end everyone is human being and man or women which prevent perfection. 

On Friday I was planning to thank  him again with my own way , but last minute I change my mind and I have chose to be quite , because I thought that he did not discover or feel what I have, because he does not want it.  Then I thought that why I should bother him!!! 

In the end I asked myself what I did learn after all these hotchpotch of ideas . Still I have no idea about it.  Now being a leader is more complicated than before It was. What is my perfect leadership definition after all ? Still same definition  is  adequate to describe leadership  with full faith and credit. The most important point is I can not run away from  my hunger for knowledge. Still I want to discover leadership of excellence.  Also no matter what  Paul made me think about something and to contribute  my leadership perspective with his own way.  

Before beginning of new journey I would love to repeat my leadership definition gain ;

A leader is a dealer in hope.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Now time to start self discovery without any outside influences, because in the end life is about self discovery and choice....... 

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