June 29, 2010

The Management Essentials….

The management of people is about five things. First, the recruiting of talented, productive, motivated people. Having done that one needs to select the best and reject the less able, motivated, or dedicated. Third, management must engage their heads and hearts so that they are maximally happy and productive. Fourth, there is the necessity of developing staff so that individuals are enabled to reach their full potential. Finally, managers need to know how, when, and why to let people go (to “exit” them) so that they leave with dignity and positive feelings about the organization.

People stay productive and loyal because of many things: their personality, values, and life situation; their available opportunities; and, but most frequently, because of the way they are managed. All the more important then that things are well managed. There are clearly things to do if trying to manage in turbulent times:

Re-engage through frequent, consistent, and honest communication – such as lunchtime workshops.

•       Lead from the front: strongly, boldly, and adventurously giving confidence to others.

Learn from previous recessions: beware of cutting that which adds customer value, not going for big gestures – and so getting the little things right.

Fix the leaks that soon appear when people leave or things are cut.

Innovate: get creative with all the stakeholders.

Change: sharpen your focus, streamline processes.

Try to attract talent badly managed elsewhere: see this as an opportunity.

Prepare for economic recovery which will (eventually) come.

I can not understand that sort of cliches . I do not believe that is truth or fact. Management of people is not about just five things. What about money ? It is quite an important element of every management story. I have met a lot of people in the business world . They were so dedicated , talented , productive and motivated people , but unfortunately they were became a bunch of unhappy  invisible people into work environment by their manager because of lack of sense of justice.

Everyday they have been treated  by the system or heavy red tape  as a small substance. The most important cliche is ,which I can not stand it anymore , adding value in people. Go on then what is the value , how can you add people value with management essentials ? How can you make a balance between substantial emotional needs and financial demands as a manager with all these theoreticalapproaches. 

June 27, 2010

Time is running out…..

I have been reading a lot of articles to write  my Leadership and Excellence PMA for last three weeks. I have finished two books and plenty of articles that have never be good enough for me to feel ready for my assignment.  In the end I have just felt that Leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

Still I do not have any idea about where should I start from ? I have so many points  to put in and I have so many questions to answer for it. Also there are a lot of the volume of studies which  have not produced the same amount of clarity. 

I won't run
When the sky turns to flame
And I sure won't budge
When the earth does shake
When the flood comes up
I will dance in the rain
'Cause it's all the same to me

And it's all I live for
The air I breathe
So it's all the same to me
Yeah, it's all the same to me

May 22, 2010

Summary of leadership and excellence …..

I have been thinking , reading and writing about Leadership and Excellence for 3 weeks.  Since I  have chosen Paul's module, I really let him to be my personal coach into the module.  I can definitely say that I was there with the bottom of my heart to learn something and  to have new light upon his wisdom.  Most of the times I really impressed with his charm , even  I used my imagination about him :)  , but sometimes I felt that I bog down with his repetitions.   Moreover, one  day I have thanked to him to make me feel important in his class room , but other day I did  feel angry about his soldier style, approach or perspectives.  In conclusion I think I needed a hero within story of my master degree. That's why I chose him spontaneously to be a hero in my story. Yet I forget  an important point which is there is no hero for anyone or any story. I should believe in myself more. In the end everyone is human being and man or women which prevent perfection. 

On Friday I was planning to thank  him again with my own way , but last minute I change my mind and I have chose to be quite , because I thought that he did not discover or feel what I have, because he does not want it.  Then I thought that why I should bother him!!! 

In the end I asked myself what I did learn after all these hotchpotch of ideas . Still I have no idea about it.  Now being a leader is more complicated than before It was. What is my perfect leadership definition after all ? Still same definition  is  adequate to describe leadership  with full faith and credit. The most important point is I can not run away from  my hunger for knowledge. Still I want to discover leadership of excellence.  Also no matter what  Paul made me think about something and to contribute  my leadership perspective with his own way.  

Before beginning of new journey I would love to repeat my leadership definition gain ;

A leader is a dealer in hope.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

Now time to start self discovery without any outside influences, because in the end life is about self discovery and choice....... 

May 18, 2010

18 May 2010

I am really struggling to understand why people scare to share their real opinions about something. I am sick of watching same scene of destructionall the time in everywhere. When I was younger I was thinking education makes difference , but today I do understand that education does not make difference for some people. Still lost of well-educated people are walking around with millions of insular prejudices. Also these people have positional power or educational power or financial power or linguistic power....etc. Still there is more doubt about their humanitarian concerns after all. 

Today we had the HOTEL case study.  In the beginning of the case our leader was so pushy and he has acted as a dictator to us. Some times he was so rude with his voice and sentences to others.   His  communication with the team members  was  totally awful. Most of the time he listened to himself  rather than the team members. He decided to collaborate with only one person within team. Neglecting other three members caused some invisible conflicts and bizarre conversations, that's why from time to time  I was surprised by his dictatorial power. This part is not as interesting as to be real item of on the agenda for today , because where ever you go , you might find similar type of personalities which give us  smooth and tender impression in the beginning of the story , after that positional power lets off fireworks  evolving processes which is called as turning back to the reality.  Actually deeply in somewhere  these type of personalities hide dominant side of their soul . So there is no point to add extra feedback about our team leaders, because It will be irrelevant remarks. 

In reality  today only one thing makes me feel sad which is lack of communication and honesty  within our group.  Two more people were thinking that our leader attitude was strange and rude.  Moreover  they have complained about his dictatorial power , but no one gave him actual feedback. I was the only person who  gave feedback. I chose to be honest about my feeling. In the end I was the one who  had to pay the bills as nonsense talker.   

It does not matter what I am talking about , whether my idea and opinion make sense or not . At least I am brave and bright enough person to thank others or to apologise from  others. I am not trying to make something more complicated than actual basic form.  I am here from the bottom of my heart which will be good enough to learn something from mistakes...

Frankly I am feeling tried to turn over and over within same endless circus show.... In the end I come out against this falsity....

Tired with all these, for restful death I cry, 
As, to behold desert a beggar born, 
And needy nothing trimm'd in jollity, 
And purest faith unhappily forsworn, 
And guilded honour shamefully misplaced, 
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, 
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disabled, 
And art made tongue-tied by authority, 
And folly doctor-like controlling skill, 
And simple truth miscall'd simplicity, 
And captive good attending captain ill: 
Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,
Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.

Shakespeare 66 sonnets

Feeling Sun Shine in Leadership Excellence….

First of all I would like to thank to Ben who has encouraged me with his comment in my blog. Feeling empathy over the my blog with a stranger is amazing. Ben makes me feel  visible person on the earth with his wisdom and thoughts.

Second point that I would like to mention here is what I felt in Leadership and Excellence module today.  Working with a different team was a bit of fresh air after long dark ages. Since the beginning of my master course first time I have learned something. Not only did I enjoy the simplicity of the game , but also I felt my power on someone. All these feelings remained me what I have got.

I think  digging learning part of the story will be useful for everyone. Today question was  do we have to be  followers , before to become an affective leadership ?  We try to find out an answer for this question , we had a long discussion session. My answer was  to combine them together like science and art, because I do believe that everyone can be a leader and also follower at the same time it depends on point of your view. Moreover  thinking about followers or leadership  over and over is pointless like egg and chicken story which one came first. This part of the lecture was not an important  part which was a reason to think about it.

Time management and making a common agenda were profound learning points for me. I felt that If I had a good time management plane and common agenda before meeting for the team , which was leading by me , I would have felt more accomplishment of a task after all. I would be able to lead more cleverly , If I had handled with these two main issues before meeting. 

In the end I can say that I will never ever forget or underestimate what I have got. Also I will ever never be unaware of common agenda and time management.

One more thank for Paul as well. When ever I share my idea about something, he listen to me without any prejudices. I read his body language and gesture that makes me and my idea as important as others. It was such a tremendous feeling which encourage me to participate more in class.

Here is my another favorite quote for Paul .....

''  Since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening. ''

May 11, 2010

11/05/2010 To understand how leaders….

In the morning I  just woke up in a good mood with lovely nice sunshine. when I was suping my delicious coffee from one of my favorite mug  , I thought how much I neglet blog writing and still I am trying to run away from blog.  Then I decide to get rid of all of my conrens about everything and to do something with  pozitive energy. Believing pozitive energy will affect my perception which makes me more poverful than ever like shield carried by a warrior .

So when checked module web side to find a topic which will be able to talk about it, I stuck in the begining of the module aim.

''Leadership and Excellence module aim is to understand how leader develop, facilitate and manage the achievement of the mission and vision via a clear stakeholder focus strategy, supported by relevant policies, objectives, targets and plans implemented  through apropriate action and behaviours that conform to developed values reguired for long term success, thereby ensuring that the organization's management system is developed and implemented. ''

When I read all these big words,  I thought that It is  nicely writen a bounch of words and this aim does not look like real!!

I think that this is the biggest problem about this module , nothing is simply understandable and nothing is conrete.  Since module starts my group have been gone through two case studies and we did not have firey arguements or challenging things or something joeyful and suprising or something  torturing. If I have to be honest about learning part , I did not learn anything so far.

Last case study my group ( team 1)  realized that  our strategy was not the most reasonable one within all stratagies and  it does not have enough opportunities to rescue or improve company ( WaveRiders ) as financially. Therefore  couple of team members suggested to change our strategy , I suggested that we should stick in strategy 5 , because It will be much more creative one for us because of difficulties. Also  If we find ways to survive our company with this strategy , It will impress others.  Then everyone agree with me , we decided to stand behind strategy 5.

Yet the problem is we could not extend or change anything in strategy , because we have to fallow 5 doing steps in it.  I did not want to develop new product for liesure times sector.  I thought that we should produce a new product for military sector because less competiters and company has good connections in the government.  Also developing new product takes almost 2 years and It is expecting that militory sectors will pick up wtihing two years.  It might be good opportunity for our company.

During the team meeting , I asked so many times silly questions to conflict our strategy .  I do remember that I think Oliver could not bear with me and he asked me that did you read strategy 5 ?  and I answer to him with silly glance yes.

In the end we just wrote the most reasonable and possible points which we should write for it and that was it . If I have to be honest , I did not learn anything and It was not the most creative case study for me.

In conclusion I am not blamig anyone for anything , also I am not the person who makes a criticism about everything like machine.  Yet I have joined in Leadership and Excellence module to understand how I can improve and enrich my leadership skills. I have never  made doubt about my leadership skills , because It is naturaly gifted and I can not  fly in the face of nature. 

The summary of four days ;

What I did learn from two case studies -  nothing

Do I have any questions in my mind  after class, seminar and four days ? I do not have any question ( nothing )

Do I worry about it ? ???? Yes

What should I do to make this team work and module more exiting than as usual ??? I have still no idea

Am I bored ???? Yes

I would love to share one of my favorite quotes ;

'' Brother stand the pain; Escape the poison of your impulses. The sky will bow to your beauty, if you do. Learn to light the candle. Rise with the sun. Turn away from the cave of your sleeping. That way a thorn expands to a rose. A particular glows with the universal. ''

May 09, 2010

My summary after first week….

May 06, 2010

Getting started about Leadership and Excellence

I have a blog which is cool, but little bit scary, because It is difficult to get familiar with the idea that someone is reading and making a ciriticism about  my grammer , my approach , my way and so on.  First time It is happening to me, that's why I have no idea what I should write in it.

Ihave been thinking about  two quotes for long time .  Something about these quotes is magnetazing me into deep thoughts and I have no idea why.  

A leader is a dealer in hope.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

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