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February 10, 2016

To lead, one must follow

In today's world, with the advancement of technology and information readily available at your fingertips, the world has evolved into a fast-paced society. With governments solely focussed on economic growth and policies catered to allow an influx of FDIs into a country, it is to no surprise, that many firms are solely focussed on profits and results. Many a times, firms have been too blinded by the tasks, that they have neglected their most important resource, people. While, the easiest way for a leader will be to instruct his employees to carry out a certain task however, such a method employed is not an efficient one.

It is important to focus on the tasks, however, a leader must also pay attention to the individuals in the firm. A leader must learn to listen to his employees, find out what makes them tick, inspire, motivate and empower them towards a common goal. A leader must not be interested in having their own way but in finding the best way.

Leadership is a people business and helping people to grow. A leader understands that as the people grow, it helps the organisation to grow thereby creating a stronger organisation. Leadership is not about positional power but personal power.

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