October 12, 2008

First week's feeling

I have been at Warwick one week already, feeling complicated.

Firstly, I feel nervous. Not saying I was nervous about new people and new environment, but I mean I have missed one week¡¯s introduction, I saw everyone was getting started, they seems to be well prepared. I had to sort out my life, tried to get settled quickly.

Then, I was having lessons. Actually, self study! I have never met this kind of study method before. After I knowing that our course based on projects only but no exams, I was getting even worried.

However, after some negative impact on me, there was something which has changed my bad mood.

The teachers and staffs in Warwick are nice and patient. Paul answered every single question in detail and asked me for a question sheet, in order to understand my personal interests and goals which I think is a very responsible action. In management term, the teacher act like a sales manager, they have offer their teaching services down to every individual customer, making customer satisfying.

My team mates are nice and hard working. They always try to finish works with quality and efficiency. Sitting among them during the meeting, I can¡¯t be lazy any more. I have to show my effort. On the other hands they are helpful, we working with our individual part but solve problems together when anyone anytime through different methods, e.g. online, forum, meeting¡­

For example, during today¡¯s meeting, we have all about to finish the drafts of mini projects. Although we are responsible for different topic of 6 projects, we presented each part to group mates, in order to let everyone understand what others were doing. In this case, we have used the same time, but have learned six times knowledge.

That¡¯s why I am feeling complicated. There¡¯s too much to learn, too much to do this year, but with limited time. Big pressure comes to me¡­ but I like challenging.

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  1. Don`t worry about that Apollo, we have all been through that, is natural. Pretty soon you will be doing fine man!

    15 Oct 2008, 16:33

  2. Paul Roberts

    Apollo, I agree with Francisco. The Management for Business Excellence degree presents big challenges mostly because everything is new. However, you will soon get used to it and will no longer think that this type of learning is strange. As for how much there is to learn – this year is the start of what I hope will be a journey of lifelong learning for you. So don’t worry about learning stuff, focus on learning how to learn better and the knowledge that you gain will build up very quickly and in a couple of months time you will be amazed at how different you feel:-)

    16 Oct 2008, 10:53

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