October 28, 2012

Week 2 – storming, norming, PERFORMING!!!

week 2 was all about RSC and more RSC... we were asked to come up with a business idea for RSC which could actually be implemented into a live project..after hours of storming and norming...we decided to come up with a mobile phone app for them which would convert the voice user input into elizabethan language....sounds pretty cool huh!! well thats cos it is.....neway..i dont remember much of what we did during this week.. except that we went to stratford... the birthplace of shakespeare... to get some inspiration for our business plan and also see how RSC operates......it was the wednesday of week 2 when we went to stratford.....and the moment we landed there...we thought... to hell with the inspiration!!!.....lets actually enjoy this place!!... the ladies were ofcourse busy with their shopping...Rads wanted to buy a blazer for herself....as for us men...we just enjoyed the beautiful sunny afternoon, ate ice creams and took pictures.....the morning was spent exploring the place.....and in the afternoon we had an amazing session at RSC which was all about learning to teach shakespeare...which was followed by a few rounds of beer.....the RSC guys were generous enough to actually let us see one of their performances of the twelfth night!!!... and what a performance it was....i only understood about 40% of what the actors were saying...yet i looooved it......and surpisingly enough..for most of us...it was our twelfth night in england....!!!

Stratford Upon Avon

the foood of love


Twelfth Night!!!

we got back around 10 pm that night and next morning we had to be ready with our RSC pitches and present it in front of the panel.....after a long sleepless night...we finally managed to finish our presentation just in the nick of time....and i was asked to present from our group.....after watching 6 presentations before ours...we knew that we had some seeeeerious competition in front of us and i was actually scared to do my 1st presentation... but i guess we didnt do so bad... we did manage to finish third in the competition....we got the bronze. and we started 'performing'.. it was the first feather in the cap for The Catapults...

The Catapults

We were happy with our accomplishment.. and that meant that it was time for a party over the weekend..well we had the freshers party at the rootes..which wasnt so bad..!!

the freshers party

a week welll spent!!!

Week 1 – 'Forming'!!!

the last 37 days have been suuuper exhaustive for all of us. parties..studies. PCD..varsity...development centres.. making planes. feedback sessions...sector specialists.. networking events ...business plans.... getting kicked out of the OM class..an indian professor and soo much stuff has happened that it all feels veryy hazy..

but surprisingly enough..i clearly remember my 1st day here at the University..it feels as if it was yesterday when the cabbie dropped me outside my apartment(the MOOOOSTTT expensive accommodation on campus)... that it was the moment when my learning started.. i remember giving 24 freaking pounds to the cabbie..and i remember counting the bills and while handing them over....calculating in my head...24*90 ahaa.... for this much in india i could have travelled between 2 states..and here i was talking about just 4 miles... neway...if u r from india/asia or wherever... dont ever convert pounds to ur currency...else ull have a heart attack even before u start school..

so..week 1 was all about partyiiing and getting to know people.... it was about varsity and fusion bar...terrace and coventry and unpacking.....we were also introduced to our syndicate groups during this week.....and thank god...we have the best syndicate group in the entire cohort.... its made of 4 indians...1 palestinian..1 chinese..1 hong kongese(is this even a word??) and 1 korean...so we had 2 lectures during this week...a few useless sessions on god knows what...and some amazing team building sessions . there was this task where we had to build a plane from scratch... i guess we had the most innovative idea amongst all.....we made a catapult to launch our plane.....but it all turned out to be an epic fail...so what??? we did bond like crazies... and this is where our group got its name...'The Catapults'....

Looks nice huh!!!!


Launch Fail!!!!!


the week was also about large dinner parties and just getting to know each other...





it all seems soo bloody distant now... we have exams in a week!!!...... week 1 was relatively easy...there was free food and free drinks.......u know what they say...feed the goat before u slaughter it!!!

all in all ...a happy weeek!!!

whyyy am i doing this???

to be an MBA, one needs to learn how to juggle many things. hahaha and here i am trying to write a blog one week before my exams.. i must be 'retarded'!!!

well.. today is the 1st day of my life when i have got 25 hours in a day. thanks to DST!!! so while trying to make the most of the extra one hour which i could have spent well on sleeping or doing the laundry or studyiiing, here i am trying to write some gibberish which i really dont know why anyone would be interested in reading.

so what is this blog really about??? its about the journey that i have embarked upon..its about me trying to put my experiences and thoughts on paper..well almost!!! its about letting you know what it really feels like to be in one of the top business schools in the world.

i ll try to be as expressive and authentic as i can be about my experience here at the school and ill try to update this blog as often as i can..considering the fact that we are in an extreme job(jobs with more than 60 hours work week) environment...i guess it wont be too often...

so..its been exactly 37 days since i have been here....so..ill put everything that we have gone through in the last 5 weeks here..week by week...

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