August 21, 2008

Things to think of when your oiling your bat!

If your Bat was a female who would she be?

My new Viper would be Scarlet Johannson (very wooden but still sexy) , my older Slazenger would be Gillian Anderson (getting on a bit but with a nice bit of orange trim)

August 19, 2008

Bat envy – Is this a form of Freudian analysis ?

Chris buys a G&M Canon, Richard has a new GN Predator, am I missing out? Is this a mid-life crisis? Should I buy a soft top sports car and run off with an au pair?

I’ve just bought a GN 5 star Viper :-) I’m trying to justify this in respect to my 2 Slazengers & 1 tree trunk from ebay.

August 18, 2008

Saturday 23 August from 9.30 – 11.30 am INDOOR NETS

I’ve taken the liberty of booking the indoor nets for
Saturday 23 August from 9.30 – 11.30 am

For those wishing to play in nets/indoor cricket.
As I will be on annual leave over the weekend please let Chris know if your up for this as hes got the kie etc.

GAME OFF TONIGHT – 18th August

GAME OFF TONIGHT – Water logged pitches, gypsies curse, bits of light aircraft, biohazard unearthed all mean we can’t play again ! Very sorry guys.


August 15, 2008

game for 18th August

‘We’ – the ‘old guard’ have a proposed game versus Chris Wood’s ‘young guard’ ( and the Napoleon referrences will stop now) on Monday 18th August. Can I round up as many of the more established players to contribute if possible please. If Chris hasn’t already illegally tapped you up with promises of networked services goodies to play for his team you can join my team :-)
Please let me know if want to play.

We only have one more game scheduled for this season which is on the 3rd of Sept versus HRI which promises to be a humdinger !

August 07, 2008

match report 6th july versus medical school

great game, well batted and well bowled. 12 months ago this feature wouldn’t have gone ahead, its down to you guys being prepared to come out of your comfort zone and play potentially stronger sides that has seen the team progress the way it has. i feel like a proud dad at the moment;-) albeit one with a mickey mouse hand at the moment.
we scored 88 of 20 for 6 they went on to win but we took a fair few wickets along the (sorry dont have score book with me)

not sure how close it was at the end but it was a win, win situation from the start for us as a team. bowling from alex and harry, ben and stephen all excellent. richard warner maxed out again and took a great catch behind the stumps. richard stephenson plays better with a female audience i see and fielding was ‘tighter than elephant mans headband’ (apart from my catching obviously).

i would like to thank everyone who turned out and contributed to a great night notably,
chris – for sorting everything out at the end of the game so i could go
to casualty.
jon – for getting me to wallsgrave – very much appreciated
harry- for coming
ben- for unexpectedly re-joining
alex- for a great debut
andy- for showing stephen the ropes with scoring
stephen- for being prepared to open
martin- for a superb 4 down the ground
the richards – for great batting !

on the injury front

i’ve sliced the webbing between 3rd and 4th fingers of my left hand down 3/4 of an inch and its been stitched back together and i’ve got it in a sling. I can’t drive with it, plus my cars stuck on campus anyhow at the moment. so im stuck like this until some movement returns, the nerves weren’t severed, but i have hand like mickey mouses at the moment. i’ll also need to get the stitches removed in 5-6 days.

be intouch soon.

August 06, 2008

Back up to 9 !

Richard Stephenson and Jon Shaw are back in we now have 9 again!


Just rung the Pavilion and we are on the Lakeside Pitch, our usual bottom of the track venue, past the nets and down the slope.
Weather report is for sunny spells with a high of 22 degrees, fingers crossed on this.

We need to start asap from 5.45 if possible, I may choose 18 overs each due to the light and the fact we have at present dropped down to 8 players. But we will endeavour to play at all cost this week, weather permitting.

Weds 6th Game versus Med School

Obviously an eye on the weather needed – I’ll let you know the outcomes as and when.

Dean Mac
Stephen Keep
Chris Wood
Andy Gray
Richard Warner
Alex Webb
Martin Sanders
As we have been hit with some late changes to circumstances if you have mates/girlfriends/ small children or family pets available bring ‘em along ;-)

August 04, 2008

Team for 6th August v Medical School

To Date:(9)

Dean Mac
Stephen Keep
Chris Wood
Richard Stephenson
Robin Green
Andy Gray
Richard Warner
Alex Webb
Martin Sanders

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