November 09, 2006

How to move the Robot

I have been looking at the methods that we have available to us to move the robot.

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a clear header file that does everything, as its work in progress. Although there is a demo file “DigIOdemoDlg.cpp” that I believe that they have been using for testing that we should be able to adapt.

There is a document on the CD, that describes how they have been controlling it.

In essence, the robot has a queue of moves,
to add moves to the queue a function

CInstruction(int port, int starboard, int port_dir, int starboard_dir)

is used

This tells the stepper motors to turn so many steps in a certain direction.

In the case of our robot, when the robot is turning in place
1 degree = 338 2/3 steps

also due to the motors being the same if the last two parameters in the function are set too:
( port_dir = 1, starboard_dir = -1 ) = Forward
( port_dir = 1, starboard_dir = 1 ) = Clockwise
( port_dir = -1, starboard_dir = 1 ) = Backwards
( port_dir = -1, starboard_dir = -1 ) = Anti-Clockwise

This queue can either then be executed one move at a time with a call to a function or with another function that will run though the whole queue until the queue is empty.

So in conclusion with a bit of tweaking and testing it should not be too hard to get the robot to move.


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  1. Matt Hartley

    am working on some functions for this

    I got 677 and 1/3 steps per degree tho… (only cos in their example on the Resources CD its 60960 / 90 degrees)

    Have I misunderstood something?

    10 Nov 2006, 22:01

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