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May 26, 2005

The rules

It has come to my attention that people have recently been ignoring one of the rules.* Nobody is allowed to lounge around having fun in the piazza until I have finished my exams! So, until next Wednesday, no having fun!

*the rules – this rule can be found in your handbook which you received when you arrived at uni. It can be found in between the one about always locking your door in Rootes whenever you leave your room and the one about checking your departmental pigeonhole daily…

Exams & life

What is it about exams that make you feel like a complete loser? I think i've worked really hard throughout my degree & I don't feel like it's paid off at all. I suppose in this way the exams are doing their job – they're supposed to differentiate between the truly excellent people and those who 'just' work hard. That's fair enough I suppose…

I've loved my time at uni & have been lucky enough to have had many amazing experiences & meet people who I hope will remain life-long friends, but i'm looking forward to my job now. I've had enough of my course & while i'll still have to do exams next year, I think i'll be able to get on with them better as I will see what I learn being applied daily. Also, i'll be back in a classroom, so i'll be able to flag things as & when I don't understand – nice change! I'd love to keep the uni life though!

One thing that I think it is important to remember is that a degree is only one part of your set of skills. No matter what result I get, I know that I have many other skills I can offer to my new employer, so i'll try not to be too disappointed if I don't pull off what I want…

Good luck in your exams everyone.

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