October 09, 2005


  • Today the first thing that was said at me was Georgina completely blowing up about me about something negative I'd said on my blog on the first few days. She'd associated them with her and Madeline, and told me they'd hurt and that I should say things to her face. I apologised, said I'd been warned this might happen, and explained I had troubles talking to people. I also added that I thought she was quite nice now, would post a retraction if she wished. She didn't really listen to that as far as I can see, so I commented I thought it was strange due to the fact in later entries I'd referred to them positively and from then up until that moment I'd actually really quite liked them. I couldn't say that to her face, as she stormed off, so I said it to her back.

  • Today the first email was one alerting me of a comment on my blog suggesting I could get in trouble for some of the network activities I was doing. I'm pretty confident they'd never be found out about except for the fact I mentioned them here.

  • Today I realised that honesty and telling the public what you really think on a public weblog has no position in this University unless you want to be a rather unpopular person.

  • Today I close this blog/diary, exactly two weeks after it started. Now people will just have to guess what I'm thinking, I'm fed up of putting it down in the only format I was comfortable with.

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Hmm, I think you should reconsider your reaction to things in the case of closing your blog down and maybe just take the view of maybe thinking about your posts a little more before you post them. If you take a few seconds before each post and think "If this was said about me, what would I think?"

    It's always a shame to see someone stop blogging because they feel censored or whatever – there's been a couple of times where I've felt the same way. You can always continue blogging with private entries if you're feeling more like you want to chronicle your feelings, or only make your entries available to certain usercodes through custom permissions on your blog (and Groups in your blog admin)

    09 Oct 2005, 14:27

  2. This is the problem with a blog where you are personally identified – it does make it difficult to be honest. I write about quite a bit of stuff, some of which is personal, most isn't. I don't see my blog as a diary – it's something different. I can never write here without being aware that anyone at all could end up reading it.

    I'm not really a fan of private entries – why bother? That's what diaries are for. :-)

    09 Oct 2005, 14:32

  3. As long as you are following the blog guidelines there is no obvious reason to close your blog. Your stuff is being read and enjoyed and even praised by plenty of people (including your mum and dad, apparently)! Yes, and then what Mat said :-)

    09 Oct 2005, 14:32

  4. Hi. I considered that option but one thing I'm even more afraid of is censoring myself. The only way I could never hurt anyone is by resorting to completely factual legalese, and that removes a lot of the personality of a diary.

    I'm in a pretty bad mood at the moment, maybe I'll reconsider when things cool down. I expect most would be when woken up to a tirade about things said in the past.

    09 Oct 2005, 14:33

  5. Georgina

    In response to your emotional swansong, I have some further comments to make:

    Firstly, the association made concerning Madeleine and myself was utterly justified and the omission of our real names only serves to compound my accusation that you are too cowardly to confront those you bitch about behind their backs. Secondly, though i did listen to your paltry and belated offer to retract your comments – the damage made by the underhand and pernicious entries had already been done. Furthermore, the lack of sufficient apology and your evasion of the issue also pisses me right off. I think that i speak on behalf our entire corridor in saying that an honest approach is far more mature and constructive and your dramatic and somewhat hysterical decision to close your blog/diary childish and bordering on the pathetic. People need not guess what you are thinking about them if you are upfront and candid. Such candour would not incite unpopularity as you so ignorantly think but a certain degree of respect, which I believe you are now woefully lacking. Penultimately, to suggest that after my confrontation your opinion of me is now devalued is unreasonable. Lastly, more generally and i feel most importantly, your disdain of those students who have been to private schools and your preoccupation with religion in general, shows you to be nothing more than an hypocritical bigot – most surprising considering your desire as a homosexual, to be received in a tolerant and wholly unprejudiced manner. I sincerely hope that you reflect seriously on these comments.

    09 Oct 2005, 15:12

  6. Georgina, does it not strike you as ironic, your telling someone via a blog to be candid, and deal with things face-to-face ?

    I think that i speak on behalf our entire corridor in saying that an honest approach is far more mature and constructive and your dramatic and somewhat hysterical decision to close your blog/diary childish and bordering on the pathetic.

    I think that you don't speak on behalf of your corridor. I don't know you, I've never met any of you, but I do know this: every corridor has someone who thinks that they're the adult one. The grown-up amongst children, the leader, the organizer. That person frequently tries to control the various situations that come up, as you are trying to control this one. That person usually feels themselves to be superior, even if they don't admit that. You're certainly sounding like that person.

    Such candour would not incite unpopularity as you so ignorantly think but a certain degree of respect, which I believe you are now woefully lacking

    How hypocritical. Here you are, telling him how to behave what's expected of him, judging his behaviour, and you tell him that he needs to show some respect?

    Penultimately, to suggest that after my confrontation your opinion of me is now devalued is unreasonable

    He's entitled to feel what he wants. If this is the way that you deal with someone who's obviously having some issues about how to deal with the people he's randomly been thrown in with, it seems like a very valid opinion.

    So, Georgina. Why have I spent the last ten minutes of my life attacking you? Partly because of my experience of a girl who have acted the way that you are acting. At the time, I wasn't confident enough in myself to realize that, actually, I didn't have to feel inferior. Interestingly, at the end of that year it turned out that the rest of my corridor similarly disliked said person.

    I don't think that it's smart to blog about people that one lives with. I think that being honest is generally the best policy – but there is a proviso: most of the time, people aren't ready for real honesty. We wrap our interactions up in politeness and diffusions, rather than getting directly to the point. Imagine your response if someone let rip with a tirade like this one, to your face. Think about how defensive you're feeling now, and imagine how a conversation would proceed from that.

    Honesty is best, but it's important to judge what the recipient is going to do with it. People are fragile things.

    Oh, and learn to use paragraphs…

    09 Oct 2005, 16:03

  7. georgina and kate

    Dear Mark,
    i'm sorry that you have such blatant physchological issues – to correct my paragraphing seems like you have become, perhaps inadvertantly, the superior tosser that you depise. i apologise profusely for not understanding the structual ettiquette of these comments, but rest assured i will not neglect in the future. this girl has obviously damaged you but i would prefer if you would not take out your anger on me. for future reference the nightline number is 024 764 17668 or you could alternatively call in to Rootes p block between 9 am and 9pm. fyi davey and i have resolved our issues in a mature fashion – face to face and i used this bloggy thing because i felt it was one of the few mediums of communication he was comfortable with. in response to your question – you have spent the last 10 minutes abusing me because you have nothing better to do with your sad life.
    p.s. i am fully aware of the irony of this – but again this seems to be the only way to get through to a complete loser like you.

    09 Oct 2005, 16:40

  8. Dear Georgina and Kate,

    Forgive me, I assumed that someone who evidently went to such lengths to use high-level language (your thesaurus must have been feeling the strain) would have more than a fleeting understanding of paragraph syntax as well.

    Your response says more than I ever could. Imagine this face-to-face, do you think we could have a sensible conversation, when you are feeling as defensive as you currently are?

    fyi davey and i have resolved our issues in a mature fashion face to face

    I do hope that that didn't involve you humiliating davey into grovelling for your forgiveness, because you're not worth it.

    It's good fun watching children such as yourself, who believe that you are adults. Amuses me, anyway. Note that my comment entirely criticized your comment, whereas you immediately start saying things about "your sad life" and me being a "complete loser".

    Good crack about Nightline though – if I gave a shit it might have bothered me. I hadn't thought about this girl I described for literally years, but your condescending tone really brought it all back.

    09 Oct 2005, 17:00

  9. Georgina and Kate

    Low brow lang used so that your pea sized intellect could understand – haven't touched my thesaurus for years, unlike you i don't need one. Im not into humiliation tactics. Davey have and always will get on and your interference has served as nothing more than a rather comic leit motif for the entire affair. Indeed it is your condescending tone that amuses us the most "It's good fun watching children such as yourself!" – you're right we a blog – no watching. If you are suffering from hallucinations however the number of the health centre is 0204 7652 4888, Im sure they would be happy to give you an appointment

    09 Oct 2005, 17:42

  10. Georgina and Kate

    we are sorry if we have offended you and brought back bad memories. we hope this doesn't sound sarcastic and that we can leave this in the past. I hope you understand my anger at someone getting involved in an argument that has nothing to do with them but i know this bloggy thingy is somewhere opinions can be given. we hope this can be the end of it and Davey feels the same.

    09 Oct 2005, 17:58

  11. OK Georgina and Kate, it was getting tedious after all.

    fwiw, it wasn't actually a bad memory. At the time, I was very insecure, and it was partly the realization that it wasn't me at fault that marked the time when I started interacting with people on a more adult level. Now I look back at that time and laugh. I have to admit, I was partly prodding you for sport; it makes no difference to me what you think about me.

    I think Dave made a significant mistake writing so openly about people he is living with. Everybody has opinions of the people around them, and some aren't positive. In the Real Word™ we decide whether to express these feelings, or whether to just keep quiet, and it's important to realize that what we write on blogs is just as real as what we say face-to-face.

    Take it easy, kids :-)


    09 Oct 2005, 18:11

  12. Georgina and Kate

    i enjoyed the fun and games too – for more fun and games contact your local sex line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jokes – peace out bro innit

    09 Oct 2005, 18:55

  13. David, don't sto blogging you're the best Fresher blogger I've found so far! :)

    09 Oct 2005, 23:00

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