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October 11, 2005

The Bubble Project

Writing about web page

Interesting link to a social project that someone started. The results are quite curious.

Cheers to Kyle for passing it on.

Tuesday, 11 October

I didn't sleep very well, not being able to sleep until around 2:30, and I woke up at 10 feeling absolutely exhausted. I managed to get back to sleep but woke up at 11 feeling much the same. I dragged myself to the kitchen to have some breakfast, it looked like most other people were just as knackered as I was. I put on some of my self-washed clothes, curious to find that some of the garments completely stank of something unidentified. I resolved to put them through the wash again, and sat down to read up on some Philosophy before the lecture. I also chatted in the Computing Society chatroom, having fun with someone who needed to chill a bit (note, bits might be snipped due to chatroom spam):

[10:31] murphster: and i'm thinking hmmmm
[10:31] db_rat: Deep insight into your cognitive processes there. ;p
[10:31] murphster: shut up you.

[10:35] Inciner: impressive, away for a whole 1 min 5s
[10:36] murphster: don't you start with me

[11:15] db_rat: I had one of those as a work laptop. They are shite. 1 hour's battery life and weird buggy components. 100% Linux compatible, though.
[11:15] murphster: ah, a retard, i see

[11:17] murphster: yeah just because something happened with /your/ laptop that doesn't make it gospel for every other laptop of the same make
[11:18] murphster: gah you are really annoying in a Penguin 6 months ago kind of way
[11:18] db_rat: It was the office standard. I speak for around 3 laptops…
[11:18] murphster: i'm off

[11:18] sadiq: just wait till everyone's cycles synchronise!
[11:19] murphster|away: fuck you too

So much anger in so little time! He must have felt like a caged animal. Anyway, I got a message from someone in the Tech team about possible ideas for the Computing Society website. The guy had some really good ideas and thoughts and concerns, and I ended up installing the Drupal CMS to give it a slight jiggle around with, though I expect it may not plug in to our current framework well enough to be more than a toy. Plus everyone has serious reservations about PHP applications as no-one has yet made a good one that isn't full of holes. Anyway, I skedaddled from that off to my Philosophy lecture.

I caught Simon (the person doing the Philosophy presentation) just outside the Philosophy lecture and asked him to join me in the lecture. Just as I was sitting down in the lecture my laptop noted an incoming bluetooth file transfer. I cancelled it and did a scan. There were 23 bluetooth devices in range! Blimmin' 'eck. That could be fun. However, I put away the laptop and got out my trusty pen and paper.

Unfortunately today the lecturer managed to make his points (arguments against Moore's argument for the objectivity of values based on a literary analysis) very long and drawn out. I only got half a page of notes from the hour. In fact, at one point I started writing the notes for contradiction 2, dozed off, woke up, and continued where I started, though apparently he was concluding contradiction 4. I didn't even realise. Oh well, after the doze I felt a bit better and headed off with Simon to the library. In the library we worked a good solid hour on the presentation, fleshing out the draft I'd made and correcting some of the rather late-night logic that I'd made. From there we went to the Statistical Laboratory. I looked over the notes and found out that there was still nothing new so I managed to spend a lot of that lecture abusing the bluetooth by attempting to send pictures of ducks and squirrels from the campus to random people. To my surprised, 1 people accepted. Their bluetooth ID was 'Pirate Pete'. I couldn't see around to check who it was, but it was a very slow rate so they were probably quite far away.

From the lecture I headed off with Simon to go shopping at Tescos for the week. He needed to drop off some stuff in his room at Rootes. The Rootes accommodation isn't bad, actually, though naturally Arthur Vick is much swisher. They haven't got en suite but the room feels larger as for living space. The community was very much more studenty, Arthur Vick feels a bit like a hotel or a hostel in the way that it is run. He fetched what he needed and I noticed on his wall a poster for the Game Development Society, which I'd completely forgotten to go to the night before. Bugger!

We walked to Tescos and I did a shop that I hoped would be weekly. On the way round I bought:

  • 2x stirfry veg (easy and somewhat nutritious)
  • 1x noodles (spotting a theme?)
  • 1x stirfry sauce (guess what I'm making tonight!)
  • 1x fresh chicken fillets (correct!)
  • 1x lemon juice (Martinis!)
  • 2x frozen pizzas (unhealthy, but…)
  • 2x salads (these should balance them)
  • 1x sandwich (late lunch)

I kept an eye out for deals and absolutely made sure that I didn't impulse buy anything. The total came to £10, which isn't bad for at least 4 days' worth of nosh. I paid for it with a card and headed back to campus with Simon, but parted ways to put my shopping in the kitchen. It looked like we'd got a new freezer to replace the one that was broken, so I claimed a half-shelf of my own in it (it was completely empty). I popped back to my room for a while before heading back to cook. I decided to risk chicken.

I coated the chicken in olive oil and soy sauce, and put some oil in the frying pan. I heated the oil, added the chicken, and cooked it and turned it until it was all light in colour and starting to go golden, before adding the stirfry sauce and stirring until it sizzled. I then tossed in the stirfry veg and turned that around until it went softer, and finally added the noodles and stirred for a further three minutes. All the way through I was so worried about the chicken I kept asking people if they thought it was done. They did, so I trusted them.

Whilst I was cooking someone was watching a soap on TV. It was luidicrous – something about a girl being stalked, meeting a murder suspect and needing a policeman outside her door. Also, during the adverts, the person watching the TV flicked channels like mad. It's interesting how the advert breaks seem to be synchronised so that the only way to avoid the in-your-face assault of product placement is to mute the TV or switch to the BBC. Anyway, I sat down and scoffed most of my stir-fry, though after a while I couldn't stomach any more. There wasn't enough to save so I guiltily threw it away, and proceeded to wash up and put things away, which took more time than the actual cooking did!

I returned to my room and feeling tired and grumpy decided to surf the web and chat with friends (and in the CompSoc chatroom) for a while, before pulling in to a relatively early night. However, some people from the corridor (Ben and Charlie) knocked on my door to ask if they could see their room size, commenting that Matt-Mark's seemed to be bigger. I let them look around, and went off with them to Matt Mark's, and they were right! It was a lot deeper. I guess it's luck of the draw. They were looking for people to play a game of Articulation so I asked them to knock on my door when they were ready.

I played around on the Internet a bit, but it got near bedtime so I headed off to the kitchen to get a snack, saying hey to everyone there. I heard laughter from near Ben's room, so I headed over. I heard someone describing something in a long-winded Articulation way, I guess they forgot to knock my door. Oh well, I was tired and may have seemed a bit dismissal earlier, and probably wouldn't have been very good at it. I sloped off to bed quietly, hopefully to be somewhat refreshed for the morning.

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