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October 09, 2005

Sunday, 9th October

Today I woke up at 11:00, a rather optimistic proposition given the fact I went to sleep at 4, but I was trying the brute-force approach to solving the problem of being in the wrong time zone. I managed to stay up long enough to take a heart tablet and get a drink of water, when I made the foolish decision of telling myself that lying on the bed for a second would clear my mind.

The next thing I knew was someone was banging on my door. I got up, got dressed quickly, and headed out into the corridor to see if anyone was around. They weren't so I went to the kitchen, which was similarly empty. I found a bunch of people in one person's room apparently preparing to head out, so I asked if one of them wanted to talk to me about something.

Then Georgina came out of her room and started completely blowing up about me about something negative I'd said on my blog on the first few days. She'd associated them with her and Madeline, and told me they'd hurt and that I should say things to her face. I apologised, said I'd been warned this might happen, and explained I had troubles talking to people. I also added that I thought she was quite nice now, would post a retraction if she wished. She stormed off.

Anyway, at that point, I made a very, very, very silly mistake. I posted a very angsty message to my blog stating it was closed, and went off for brunch. By the time I got back I had so many comments of support I wavered, tried a few half-hearted attempts at puffing up my outrage, but eventually I gave up and wrote everything that had happened so far into my trusty Smultron window on the iBook. Maybe I was wrong about Marmite and it gives you guts in trade for being the effect of a ten megaton nuclear bomb on your tastebuds.

There is a feeling that I learned for the first time today, as well. It's the feeling that is the culmination of:

  • I'm in the wrong timezone!
  • I'm starving!
  • There is nothing palatable in the cupboard whatsoever!
  • I have a presentation on Mackie to write!
  • My laundry has been left behind!
  • I have lectures tomorrow at times earlier than I'm waking up!
  • Costcutters is a 5 minute walk away!

This feeling I would like to name, 'bleeeurrrrg'. The only solution to 'bleeeurrrrg' is to not go back to sleep again, and to instead solve all of the problems in order. The order I decided upon was:

  • To go to Costcutters to buy supplies and a premade sandwich from said.
  • To set a timed shutdown on the computer so it'd switch off at 1:30AM no matter what I was doing.
  • To ring up the person I was meant to be writing the presentation with on Skype.

I got a comment on my blog from Georgina and something in my mind snapped. I walked over to Georgina's room and confronted her, about my feelings for the first time and it went very well, in reality she's actually quite understanding albeit very feisty! I also apologised to James for a comment I'd made yesterday and we discussed how things were with the kitchen group as a whole. I really, really should have given these people more chance straight from the beginning. I actually do think I might actually be a bigot about some things, and I should change. But this is what University is for! I resolve now to never resort to hiding in my room unless it's a pre-arranged thing, as these people are really nice. I don't think I could have struck luckier. Plus Georgina gave me a cigarette lighter, and I'm hopelessly addicted to it like anything shiny!

I headed off to Costcutters and spent a tenner on foodings. Most of them were reheatable boring stuffs, but I did buy some onions and some fancy pasta so the bling-bling shopping spree should last me at least three days. I put my chicken into the freezer (look mum, first time I've frozen something!) and promptly talked a bit to the people in the common room before taking the refuse out. I felt proud at my attempts of reintegration into the kitchen community, in fact, proud enough to head back with my laptop in order to do some of my Mackie presentation.

Some people were doing Economy in the corner but got distracted by someone's ringtone being the Cillit Bang remix. I promptly showed people the original on my laptop. That thing is pure genius. I personally don't understand why Cillit Bang don't just use the remix as their advert, it's actually slightly less ludicrous than the original as it wasn't meant to be taken seriously! Then everyone disappeared to the cry of 'ice-cream van' (I guess they know their market!) and the rest (pretty much all of the girls) watched the X-Factor to cries of 'ooh! He's cute!'

I blast-reheated a Chicken Tikka I bought from Costcutters out of laziness, to see what £2.59 of chicken Tikka looked like. I can reveal it looked like chicken pieces in a spicy gravy on rice. Actually, this is what Chicken Tikka was originally for, according to rumours. Some posh person in a restaurant in Birmingham asked for gravy with their tandoori chicken. Unfortunately, there was nothing posh about this nosh, but at least it was filling. It tasted like generic salty spicy chicken gunk. Each mouthful was a fusion of E-numbers and preservatives. Mmm… At least it tasted nice after some reparative surgery:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mild Chilli Powder
  • Garlic Powder

I may have well cooked for myself! Still, after that it was actually quite nice, though the chicken pieces were stringy. At this point I saw Madeline shaking the DVD player in the corner like it was a hi-tech rattle. It turns out a DVD had got stuck into it. So I fetch my computer repair kit, earthed myself, and promptly unscrewed the thing and someone removed the DVD, and helped me with rescrewing it. It worked fine after that. It's funny that I was the only one in the room who thought of actually opening it. At this point I noticed on my email that a war had started on my Angsty Blog Post comment tree. I tried to quell the flames a bit but luckily the whole thing petered out.

I went upstairs to fetch the laundry I'd put in the night before, but there was a sign on the door saying not to use the laundrette. I figured I wasn't using it and went in to fetch the clothes. I phoned mum and talked to her for a bit, but I was so frazzled I only remembered two things:

  • Get clothes dried tomorrow or mildew will ruin them.
  • Dispute a debit card transaction.

I headed off into the kitchen to see what was up, everyone was watching a film. I cleared up my stuff for the morning and went back to my room, and pulled in for an early night.

Apologies for Angst

Thanks for comments. Service will be resumed. I resolve to continue posting things here, but at the same time say things to peoples' face. I've spoken to Georgina and made up and I'm sorry for upsetting people in the corridor.

No blog is complete without angst, so I'll leave the post below up.

I think making decisions when hungry is a bad idea. It only took a Marmite sandwich to make me gain some spine again…


  • Today the first thing that was said at me was Georgina completely blowing up about me about something negative I'd said on my blog on the first few days. She'd associated them with her and Madeline, and told me they'd hurt and that I should say things to her face. I apologised, said I'd been warned this might happen, and explained I had troubles talking to people. I also added that I thought she was quite nice now, would post a retraction if she wished. She didn't really listen to that as far as I can see, so I commented I thought it was strange due to the fact in later entries I'd referred to them positively and from then up until that moment I'd actually really quite liked them. I couldn't say that to her face, as she stormed off, so I said it to her back.

  • Today the first email was one alerting me of a comment on my blog suggesting I could get in trouble for some of the network activities I was doing. I'm pretty confident they'd never be found out about except for the fact I mentioned them here.

  • Today I realised that honesty and telling the public what you really think on a public weblog has no position in this University unless you want to be a rather unpopular person.

  • Today I close this blog/diary, exactly two weeks after it started. Now people will just have to guess what I'm thinking, I'm fed up of putting it down in the only format I was comfortable with.

Saturday 8th October

I woke up at 13:30 and felt really well for the first time in ages. I hauled myself up and promptly vegetated in front of the computer for a while, fiddling with a mondo idea I had to get around the Resnet's incredible slowness (idea with-held to avoid it getting slower). Look at me! 700Kbytes/sec! NYAH!

I then went onto the CompSoc chat server for a while to chat, and ended up in a horrible flaming argument with someone whom I took offense to calling something crap without justification, and whom took offense to me calling him a troll/close-minded for not considering external arguments. Fun to be had by all. I felt proud that I could continue until he couldn't be arsed to counter me whilst doing around 4 other things at once. Argumentation is so reflex I can do it without any effort at all. Is that a bad thing?

I ended up talking until well-gone 16:00 with a friend online, at which point I had to excuse myself to go do laundry, which was probably about the most untypical thing I could have done. I went to the central kitchen and found the kitchen completely packed with Anika and apparently a bunch of friends and the living room completely full of people watching a football game. It was packed! I found a bin-bag and asked if I could borrow it for laundry, but Will said it was best not to and instead to gave me two carrier bags, which was really kind of him. He also told me that the machines take one pound and two twenties, though one is broken and may go for free. The drier takes two twenties and a ten. I thanked him and packed all of my coloureds into a bag, figuring I'd have to go for a coloured load and a non-coloured load.

I had to ask Anika to take me up to the room. There were two washers and two driers, capable of taking two bags' worth. I managed to shove in whites in one and coloureds into the other, and set them going. Interestingly the washer on the left was broken and didn't need any money, you just whacked it in the right fashion and it went off. I didn't have the foggiest idea how much powder to put in without a scoop, but there was a very friendly English student there who showed me the right amount by sprinkling in the powder. I headed off to my room and fiddled around on the Internet whilst the machines rambled.

When I got back every single machine was in use and there were two Law students and two Maths. students packed into the small space. Apparently the driers had been just set off, so I bided the time buy buying a drink from the drinks machine in the room and chatting to the people about the subjects they were taking. There was a bit of a scramble for the drier on the bottom, but it turned out the lint filter was absolutely disgustingly filthy, and in return for taking the plunge and cleaning it I got to put my loads into the drier first. It was getting close to the buffet dinner that the pride were putting on, so I figured that I'd have to come back some time in the evening to pick up my dried washing. I still have another load to go! I should really get into the habit of doing this weekly instead of daily.

I got to my room and just as I got in my mum phoned me on the computer. The network was too clogged down to actually talk and I couldn't reroute Skype to get around the Resnet's speed deficiency, so I sent a message instead. I got rung on my mobile, and chatted for a bit, but got interrupteed. I can't mention any names or specifics, but someone was shy and needed someone to walk with to the Pride welcome buffet. I was honoured, and I went there with them.

The buffet had party food and lots of odd, though friendly, people. I generally talked to people about where they were from and experiences they had, and got on quite well with the person I went with (though he disappeared shortly after) and a few other people from different cultures. The only annoyance was that a lot of people kept on asking if I was going to Rainbows and when I said it wasn't my thing got really, really loud and almost sounded insulted. There were a few other conversation strands:

  • Experiences as a child (parents, etc).
  • Travel, and experiencing culture-clash.
  • What courses people did.
  • Clubbing scene, though I largely stayed out of it. For some reason, most of the people I talked to weren't interested in dating or relationships at all.

I ended up talking to a very nice young looking boy about a multitude of different subjects, before I found out just before she left that he was actually a she. Dementia arrived just before I made that mistake and I couldn't get over it. Eventually people started filtering away from the buffet to go to Rainbows (the local gay bar) and Dementia and I wandered back to my room for a while. I put on some chill-out music and he almost ended up falling asleep, so I started playing him some of the more ecclectic parts of my music collection, including:

  • Tipsy — Kitty Takes a Ride
  • Oingo Boingo — Queen's Revenge
  • Queen — Flash

We headed off to the Computing Society gaming session where we largely chatted. We got bored pretty quickly (1 o'clock) and left, and I headed back to halls to my room. I was about to go to sleep when someone knocked on my window from the outside. I heard noise from the kitchen as well and I headed over there, the windows were open, there were strangers outside the window. I asked them who were the prats knocking on the windows and they said there had been some youths running past with shopping trolleys. Just at that point a bunch of strange people walked into the kitchen followed by Will looking very confused and tired. They looked around, laughed a lot and went off. I suggested we get the subwarden but I was overruled by James because 'they weren't causing any harm… we could always lock the door.' I headed back to my room and messed a bit on the Internet some more before heading to bed, knackered.

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