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October 07, 2005

Thursday 6th October

Thursday 6th October
I stayed up far too late with Dementia/Nick, filling in a really clever online personality matching service name OkCupid!. We also talked and discussed and I did my programming homework in 5–10 minutes at 1:30AM.

This turned out to be a bad idea. When I woke up an hour before my lecture in the morning I was really ill. Exhausted, shaking, shivering, I couldn't swallow properly at all as there was something large (it felt like) in my throat and I was retching if I tried. I managed to force myself to down two paracetomal (that was really tough) and went back to sleep, alarm set for 50 minutes later. When I woke up my throat was more clear but I still felt ill. I grabbed a very quick heart tablet and went off to my lecture. In my somewhat unpleasant state I ended up getting completely lost, finding myself in humanities, then chemistry, and then finally at Physics room 3.36 15 minutes late. I managed to understand and participate in the lecture, though.

I then headed off to my next lecture, in the arts centre, feeling more exhausted than ill by then. I brought myself a large brunch and scoffed it in the back of a maths. lecture. I couldn't concentrate at all, the subject matter was too complicated for my brain in such a state, so I decided I'd read over those notes when I felt a lot better. The lecture seemed to drag on, and on, and on, and I was pleased to get out and back to halls.

When I got back to halls I found there was a delivery notificate final paycheck from work along with a tax refund of £80! Woohoo! The government paying me for once! In jubilation I waited for two girls who were going to the postroom to get ready, though only one ever managed it, and headed off to the postroom to collect my package. It turned out to be a package containing:

  • My PS 2 memory card (yay!)
  • My shaver head (??)
  • My cheque books (maybe useful!)
  • My Zovirax (useful!)
  • Bubble wrap (BODACIOUS!)

When I got back I proudly inserted the memory card into the PS2 and retreated to my bedroom for a much needed shower. I wanted to nap but for some reason I just didn't feel like it after the shower, so I resolved to force myself to an early night (or a late morning if that was possible instead). I fired up the laptop and talked a bit to pals on the Internet and wrote up a few things that were pending. I skedaddled off to a programming lecture to see what was what.

The lecture was as funny as usual, though before-hand I ended up trying three separate vending machines just to get the new fangled Lion bars. Gah! It was awful, layered softness. In my day Lion bars were big and manly and were used to remove wobbly teeth! I grumbled about it to random people and went into the lecture. Dr Jarvis sent off a random student 5 mintues in to find replacement batteries for his wireless microphone, but they failed (and got an applause). The lecture started off with a picture of a primate, mentioned 42, and ended off with me talking to Dr Jarvis about the coursework. Go figure!

I then walked off to the Computer Science building to leech off the internet there for a while, but ended off showing my Mac laptop to all of the Linux users around me. I checked out the computing society's shell server and checked up on Dementia's reputation by checking his quote history. He's a bit of a cheeky bugger, but got a very quick wit! For example:

  • A: What the hell is dbus?
  • Dementia: It's dthing that goes down dstreet.

Time flew and I found myself running to my philosophy lecture, which was clever but starting to get a bit tedious. The only way I can describe these Philosophy lectures is by comparing them to a typical hangover of mine:

  • You feel like you're poisoned.
  • Things make clear sense but you don't want them to.
  • You feel like it should give you a headache.
  • Your bum hurts after a while and it vaguely worries you.
  • You're in no mood for the horrible tricks that can be played on you by the English language.
  • Philosophy starts to make sense.

With these complaints swimming in my head I beelined back towards the Arthur Vick halls, and seeing someone vaguely interesting randomly said 'Hello!' to them. They backed off, so I went back in silence. Oddly, just before I got to the hall he responded, 'Are you going to the ball tonight?' I responded that I didn't know. He said I wasn't, then, as the tickets were sold out. Oh well!

When I got back to the kitchen I typed up a bit of the blog entry before setting to making a vegetable stir fry. The stirfry was gorgeous, and I stuffed myself on it. I then played on the PS2 for a while, playing Kingdom Hearts, which I haven't played in months. Leaving it for a while hadn't actually helped me with the fact that the Ursula boss is disgustingly difficult and I died 5 times in a row. When I looked up, people asked me if I was going to the Fresher's ball and I said I might tag along if I felt better. They said it'd cost me £18 and I'd have to pre-register, so I essentially said no. I don't have that money available just like that after this week's spending sprees!

I headed back to my room and played around a bit, interrupted by a rather gruff and rhythmical, almost cultish chanting of 'Davey, Davey, Davey!' I opened my door and there was the most unlikely sight ever. Five of the boys from the corridor dressed in black suits ready for the ball. I congratulated them on their style (they did look very well dressed) and wished them well at the ball and headed back in as they headed off, still with their strange but ego-puffing chant.

I went back in and watched a movie I'd downloaded a few days earlier (legitimately!) called Star Wreck: The Pirkenning. It was absolutely fantastic. Funny, well-scripted, well acted, great effects, independent and free! I'm buying the DVD as soon as I can because it was just so good. Released under the Creative Commons here linkBUY it!

Sleepy time for me.

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