October 28, 2004

The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society Minutes: 27/10/04

*The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society *


El Presidente: Dan
La Presidenta: Clare

New Members: Caroline, Paddy and Joey (who’s a girl)

(Shot 1)

The Agenda

1.Dan’s misconduct in throwing a cork at Clare:
Early into this meeting Dan threw a cork from Chaz’s wine bottle at Clare. With pinpoint accuracy (could anything less be expected from El Presidente?) it struck her squarely between the eyes. A real cracker

…However, he was extremely sorry and felt very guilty because actually the lovely Clare had done nothing to provoke him.

(Shot 2) 2.Chopping Boards:
Generally the society is in agreement that we need a chopping board because the juice from the limes is getting everything messy.

•Top Quote: Chaz, looking at empty white wine bottle quizzically: “How much of this wine have I drunk by myself?”

(Shot 4) Game of arrogance initiated by Dan. Tequila excluded from available materials.

Fall of drinkage:
1. Dan (vodka, wine; guessed heads, drew tails)
2. Clare (vodka, lemonade; guessed tails, drew heads)
3. Pads (after, “ I’m gonna fuck Joey up properly

…” wine, vodka)

Round of Note:
Dan (wine, vodka, Tabasco – ¾ glass; guessed heads, drew heads – Arrogant Bastard)
Chaz (added lemonade; guessed heads, drew tails)
Honourably consumed without bundering. Until later, anyway. Then it was three times.

1. Pads (vodka, wine, chocolateyorange squeezy sauce; Chaz: “Hmm

…it looks like pooooo.” Guessed heads, drew heads.
2. Joey (added vodka to ½ glass; correct guess).
3.Dan (added wine to fill; guessed heads, drew tails).

Breakages: Clare – Caroline’s glass and two more which she threw in a bin.

1. Vote of no confidence called by Dan in Clare:
Passed by a vote of five to three. He didn’t really mean it, though. Reversed unanimously.

Decided to go to Score. Pics are available.

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