November 12, 2004

Tequila Appreciation Society Minutes: 03/11/04

The (still) As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society: Minutes 03/11/04.

See photos for what happened afterwards…


El Presidente: DanLa Presidenta: Clare

New Members: Lucas, El Fonzerino and Gemma.

Other Members in attendance: Matt, Charlotte (tequila virgin), Laura, Tim, Chris and other Matt.

The SSG as always.

(Shot Count: 1)

The Agenda

1.The cleaners in AV3 are pissing Clare off by smoking (cigarettes, obviously):
Um…well we didn’t get really very far on this one since it’s not really club business but, since it does concern the welfare of one of our members, we feel something should be done. Not really sure what, but definitely something.


2.Really this turning out to be a very serious meeting ‘cos now we’re talking about religion, hmm…actually theology in general and doubt. Basically we’re not appreciating enough tequila…

3.SERIOUS ISSUE: Dan has paid for all the tequila appreciated so far so basically we need some more cash:
What we’re gonna do from now on, then, is to have a whip round and get contributions from each member not in the SSG for the evening, based on the ratio of tequila appreciators to bottles consumed.


4.Bohemian Rhapsody is a quality tune.
Generally everyone is thinks this is true.

•Laura: first near chokage in club history.

•Gemma, being an actual, qualified bargirl has a better knowledge of tequila than most of us so is very good to have around.


5.This club IS going places. To reflect this, therefore, we feel that some officialish positions are established. Proposed positions include:
•Equal Opportunities
•Research and Development
•Foreign Affairs
•Honorary ‘El Gringo’ (probably varying from week to week)
•Music Officer
•Resource and Distribution Manager
•First Aider (must be in the SSG)
•Cultural Liason (possibly a responsibility of foreign affairs?)
•Education Officer
•PR Officer

6.Agenda item for next week:
Five (cheers, Simon Cowell) are not actually that good.

7.We need a mission statement. Suggestions at the next meeting.

Arrogance initiated (here we go again…)

Lucas: arrogant bastard > Fonz > Gemma > Dan (lost)

In fact Dan seems to be involved in some sort of strange karmic rebound after being an arrogant bastard last week and destroying Chaz. Lost every round this week.

•Star Player of the week: Lucas (mucho arrogant).

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