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October 25, 2004

New Members Required

Follow-up to The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society: Minutes 20/10/04 from Evening Classes with Dan

Well, as anyone who's read the minutes from last week's Tequila Appreciation night will see, our first night was a storming success. We appreciated plenty of tequila (except the SSG, who were still awesome) and generally top fun was had by all. But the two presidents are generally in agreement that more tequila appreciation needs to be done by more people so we've decided that new members are a must. So if you wanna join, just find the contact me button and, um, contact me. Maybe La Presidenta will let you join, maybe she won't. She's got the deciding vote. Even though there's two of us. Wait, that doesn't quite make sense… Anyway if you're deemed worthy we'll all have lots of fun.

Appreciating tequila. Like getting drunk, but better…

(How's that for a saleline? Mmm…maybe it needs some work. That'll be item 1 on this week's agenda, then).

The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society: Minutes 20/10/04

* The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society * Consisting: El Presidente: Dan La Presidenta: Clare

Sober Support Group: Caroline, Katy and Emma (although she’s late but she did supply the tequila.)

Shot Count ( /member): 3

* The Agenda*

First Meeting: 20/10/04

(4) 1. The nice warm fuzzy feeling you get through the stomach if you drink enough tequila:

So, excluding contributions made by the SSG (since they are, for obvious reasons, sober), generally the two presidents are in agreement that this is a good thing. Fuzzy feelings being good, not the SSG being sober, just to make things clear.

• Side Issue (not strictly club business, but nonetheless important):

President Dan must make an excursion to Camden or East St or some such place to properly equip himself and his friends for Boogie Nightage / Halloween.

(5) 2. Emma and Katie’s lemons in a jar from Costcutter: (Now 6) The two presidents and the SSG are in total agreement that the preserved sliced lemons so far being used are inferior to their fresh cousins with regard to taste, succulence and general lemoniness. Also they don’t have enough juice.

3. The effects of tequila on the brain:

That it has become clear, over the course of this meeting, that President Dan possesses greater powers of motor control and co-ordination where the playing of guitar is concerned when inebriated with tequila as opposed to any other spirit.

(8, I think. For obvious reasons, accurate recall of the required information is quite impossible).

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