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November 21, 2004

Tequila Appreciation Society Minutes: 10/11/04

The As Yet Unnamed Tequila Appreciation Society
Minutes: 10/11/04


El Presidente: Dan
La Presidenta: Clare

Paddy, Caroline and Matt
New Members: Supriya and Alex.

The SSG as always: Katy, Emma, Laura and Charlotte.

The Agenda

1.Laura looking totally different but very gorgeous with straight hair:
Generally we’re all in agreement that this is true.

__Spillage 1: __Caroline (nice work). Note, no tequila appreciated.


2.Caroline has a sore throat:
Well, we think that she should have a drink because:
a)EVERYONE knows the regenerative properties of tequila, and;
b)Tequila will (due to the antiseptic properties of alcohol) kill all the nasty evil fucker bacteria residing in her oesophagus.


3.Leadership by example:
Matt has a headache so isn’t drinking. Clare has a headache but is. THAT’S why she’s La Presidenta.

New skill of the week: undoing a bra with teeth (Alex can, apparently).

Thumbmaster initiated:
Fall of, for lack of a better word, thumbmasterage: Supriya, Caroline.

4.We need a tequila table of top form:.
Since some members are consistently or occasionally on much better form than others we feel this should be acknowledged. But, we don’t have an ethos of superiority or compulsion so the structure of this table must be thought about in some depth…


•Top Quote; (Pads) ‘Oh, SHIT, that’s a cool phone – what is it? Oh, wait, I have that too…’

5.Paddy proposes a coup:
Thought about and discussed until Alex initiates ‘commander says’. Dan gets caned.

6.Fisting: viable if applied to your average ‘girl off the street’:
Controversial subject and actually quite repellent. But still worth thinking about…


7.Manta rays are fucking cool:
In the context of efficiency in motion when applied to flight, manta rays are a near perfect natural design and a remarkable product of evolutionary development. We are thinking about the application of natural wing design to machines of flight. Um…planes basically, although submarine propulsion is quite feasibly a field of interest. So the Humbolt squid is relevant here as well. In fact, all squid.

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