October 09, 2011

Week 1 (MBE)

Reflecting on my first week (induction week) at University of Warwick. I can conclude that I am in the right place and on the right course. Am therefore very excited to embark on this journey to pursue a master’s degree in Management for Business Excellence.

Having listened to the various speakers, there is no doubt that time management is of great essence. The only way to make it through this course and overcome most of the fear mentioned in class on Wednesday is to devote enough time to it. I learnt a lot from all that Paul said and the proverbs mentioned, however one profound statement Paul made that registered explicitly in my mind in regards to business relationships is that, (I cannot quote his exact words) it’s not about being dependent on the relevant entities or independent of them but rather being INTER-dependent, working with one other to achieve the win win situation.

He also mentioned learning through play. I had the opportunity to learn by interacting with group members when doing fun group activities during Wednesday’s seminar. I discovered that I had an untapped artistic talent, as with the help of my group members we were able to make a paper giraffe in less than ten minutes.

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  1. Abdul Iqbal


    glad to hear someone who is looking at this challenge with positivity rather than a neglect of not being able to manage the burden.
    you are true to mention that Paul, apart from the phrases he mentioned and how he illuminated us regarding certain facts of life. He shows us this enthusiasm and his love to learn and excel, which works as a great catalyst for all of us.

    Bravo if you made it in 10min!
    took us a lot more!

    09 Oct 2011, 11:29

  2. Excellent Blog my friend Daniella…...................

    I think that you are very lucky being there. I would like to mention the aspect of time. Please pay attention on that. If you do not manage yourself against time (you cannot manage time since it is something constant and everyone has the same amount of time per day), you will face problems. Start from now thinking about your project and organize the files in your PC or Mac :P

    You will hear a lot of proverbs during this year. I remember this one from Paul as well…... It is not the dependence because this may mean loss of the power of differentiation. However in the state of interdependence creativity and powerful conflicts take place. There many more which we will chat about during the year

    Keep blogging

    10 Oct 2011, 06:22

  3. Paul Roberts

    Good point Daniella,

    If everyone works with each other in MBE this year you will all learn and gain so much more than by studying independently. This is not a competitive learning environment – cooperation will lead to the win-win for everyone.

    14 Oct 2011, 08:00

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