March 01, 2009

experience of writing the first draft of my essay

During writing this essay, I had a lot of thoughts about it. It was both easier and more challenging in writing this essay than other essays. For this essay, I have to choose my own essay topic to write about, which the topic should be interesting to me but also academic. Therefore it would be proper for me to write more fluently because I was interested in the topic I am going to discuss. However, things did not evolve in what I have expected. When searching for the references to support my point of views, I found it very difficult to find out something that was relevant or equivalent. For example, when I wanted to find some data about the topic in the library, it was always hard to select what is relevant or not, or even had no data related to the topic. So I found out that I should not only be interested in the topic I chose but also should familiar with the topic I was going to write, so I would be better in finding data to support my essay. After that I changed my topic from the contrast in music into the different attitudes towards dogs. After I have handed in the first draft in such an early time, I felt relaxed that I did not have to struggle with it before the deadline and I would have plenty of time to correct my mistakes and deficiencies I made during writing the essay. I think I would finish my future essays earlier than I did in the past that I would have much freedom in managing my spare time.

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