November 04, 2005

Blue snot – keep an eye out for it

Just heard an interesting show on TalkSport (not too sure why I had that on btw) about random questions people would like answering. Ok those I remember were
1. Do deaf people hear themselves think? no answer, surprisingly enough no deaf ppl were listening to the radio station!
2. Does anything eat wasps? apparently wasps eat wasps dirty filthy useless things that they are
3. why is marmalade called marmalade and not orange jam? the last meal of Mary Queen of Scots was orange jam on toast and when the servant came in she said 'Mary My Lady' – cool if true
4. why is hiccuping contagious? always wondered that and now i know – the reason someone hiccups is to expel carbon dioxide from the body so when somebody sees somebody else expelling carbon dioxide their brain tells them there's too much in the air and they ought to do the same :)
5. why is snot green? ok this is because of the colour of the bacteria that multiplies in your nostrils and also some people can get blue bacteria then go rushing to their doctor worrying their sneezing some brain tissue or something!
there was loads more but I'm rather forgetful and I think thats enough useless knowledge for one day, I thankyou!


Me in my humble abode

You're trying to seduce me Mrs.Robinson

4 out of 5 stars
One of those movies you hear a lot about but can probably just about get away with not seeing. Well not anymore! I watched the DVD last night suffering from tiredness and throat infection and within half an hour it had me hooked. If your around my age you can immediately relate to Hoffman's character – a young inexperienced guy who's pretty bored of following the conventional lifestyle his elders have paved for him. I guess above all it follows the rite of passage of any young man who's finishing studies and heading into the wider world. Wonderfully shot with some great camerawork and a fantastic soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel I was surprised just how good this movie turned out to be, though as a word of warning the main disappointment was the slightly melodramatic ending. Anyway I don't want to give anything away but I recommend you watch it and watch it soon.

The First Entry

Hmm should probably write something really witty and original like…but I won't, it's all too cliched really :) Well I'm a little stuck for ideas right now got the Seven Years War stuck in my head and need to dash an essay off for monday so I'll fill this out when I'm a little clearer in the mind.

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