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July 23, 2005

As Torrents In Summer – Now Available from NJH Music

Follow-up to As Torrents In Summer from Wilby's blog

[I should have posted this ages ago….]

My arrangement for Brass Band of "As Torrents in Summer" by Elgar has been published by NJH Music.

Read more, download a sample score, and purchase it from

May 29, 2005

WF – 4BR Mention

Follow-up to Whit Friday Results 2005 from Wilby's blog

We're mentioned very briefly in passing in the review of WF this year –

May 24, 2005

Whit Friday Results Now Out

Follow-up to Whit Friday Results 2005 from Wilby's blog

See the original entry for the link.

The headlines. On average, we did:

  • Slightly worse than last year
  • Better than Leeds Uni
  • Better (only just!) than Band

May 21, 2005

Whit Friday Results 2005

University of Warwick Brass Band
Contest March: Spirit of Victory by Andrea Crossley


I took the stats from

It's not looking like we're in for any prizes this year, folks.

Photos so far:
Lu's Blog
Bruce's Blog
Dave Kelly's Blog
Pete's Photos

April 16, 2005

Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band

I heard these good folks at Birmingham Symphony Hall last sunday. Richard Evans was conducting, the music was excellent (as expected), and we generally had a good time. However, thats not the reason I'm blogging it.

Usually when a Brass Band attempts to do something funny, some kind of visual comedy perhaps, a little bit of acting, it's usually badly done, often not funny at all, and generally lame.

However, these guys were actually very good indeed. I laughed. My mates laughed. The audience laughed.

I won't explain what they did as it may spoil it for anyone who sees them in the future but it was genuinely funny and didn't distract from the high(est) quality music making.

September 10, 2004

2005 Area Test Pieces

Writing about web page


Tam O'Shanters Ride by Denis Wright? WTF?

Not looking forward to rehearsing this one…..

Edit: I appreciate that if you're not a bandsman none of this will mean anything to you whatsoever.

July 26, 2004

As Torrents In Summer

EDIT: Due to some obscure piece of copyright law meaning that a composers work is not out of copyright until the 31st of December, 70 years after their death (no matter what date of the year they died), I've had to take down the arrangement mentioned below, as it probably isn't legal!

Well, I've just finished my first proper arrangement for Brass Band, and I'm knackered.

It's an arrangement of the song "As Torrents In Summer" from the cantata "King Olaf" by Edward Elgar, and I'm rather pleased with it.

It was pure accident – I was only trying a basic 4 part hymn tune arrangement of it for pure band exercise purposes, but I realised I could do more with it than that (with some subtle influence from the setting of "The Irish Blessing" by Stephen Bradnum).

I first met this piece whilst at secondary school – it was a yearly event that the Boys' and Girls' schools would combine and perform a major work such as Handels Messiah or Mozarts Requiem, and in one year the Elgar-mad Head of Music from the Girls' school chose King Olaf. The "As Torrents In Summer" song has some beautiful words.

Have a listen folks and tell me what you think (you'll need to install the Scorch plugin for Internet Explorer if you haven't got it already).

July 21, 2004

YBS not at Kerkrade

Follow-up to World Championships 2005 from Wilby's blog

Ah. It appears someone has dropped a clanger and YBS won't be in Kerkrade after all. Oh well.

Pontins or Butlins?

Writing about web page

This year would be my 3rd (?) year playing at the Pontins Championships if City of Cov decide to go.

Pontins at Prestatyn – lets face it – it's nasty. You have to get drunk so that you can forget about how awful the place is. Mind you, they do have some of the highest prize money on the circuit (however, if you play for a band which doesn't honestly have a snowballs chance in hell of winning, that ain't really a factor).

However, now that the Butlins Mineworkers is effectively 'open', I think Pontins has some serious 'competition' (crap pun not intentional).

35 all in including Don Lusher and Kenny Ball? Bargain! Don't know what Butlins at Skegness is like, but I'm sure when I used to go to Butlins at Bognor Regis with my parents when I was younger it wasn't as bad as Pontins at Prestatyn. Major downside though – only Pontins books the Bavarian Stompers!

I expect a number of bands that have done Pontins in the past will changing sides and doing Butlins instead. Here's hoping Cov is one of them.

World Championships 2005

Writing about web page

So YBS and Cory are entering I see.

That's the World Championship title given to the United Kingdom then….. :-)

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