March 01, 2006


Writing about web page


I finally got round to making my own blog, so please see my web site, – also cross-posted to LiveJournal if you prefer.







December 16, 2005

Another New Web Site Design

Writing about web page

Once again I redesigned my web site. This time I went for the minimalist no-content look, figuring if I have no content, it can't get out of date!

I'm planning to come up with a new design for my blog soon, then use that for posting anything that would have previously been on my web site (if I'd gotten round to it that is). Saves my the trouble of making a CMS or writing HTML pages, with the added advantage that some people will probably read it! I also need to tidy up the tags from the old entries since they're still as they were in the categories system.

Added: Please let me know if the JavaScript for the email link and next/previous photo [don't] work properly in your favourite browser. Thanks. - 16th

December 11, 2005

The Uniform Server

Writing about web page

I found The Uniform Server a while ago but only decided to try it out today and realised how useful it is. It allows you to run Apache & MySQL (inc PHP and Perl) on Windows without having to install them first. You can even run them from a USB flash drive.

It's so useful that I've now removed my old Apache & MySQL services and instead set up one of these for each of the web sites I am working on. That way I just run the server for the site I'm working on and I don't have to worry about virtual hosts or what settings will affect what sites. It also has the advantage that when I'm finished with a project I can just drag it to my Archive folder, and if I want to come back to it later I don't have to set up the web server and databases all over again, just run start.bat and it's ready to use again! - 11th

October 21, 2005


Writing about web page

I just read this article and found it very - 21st

October 16, 2005

Why I Need A New Computer

  1. It turns itself off at random intervals (It's either the processor or the RAM or the power supply… I think)
  2. Sometimes only one speaker works and I have to prod the headphone socket to make it work again
  3. It's over a year old!

Might get a Mac Mini – it's unix-based but well supported (not to mention super cool looking!) so it could be the best of both worlds. Any Mac users want to comment? Only problem with that is I'd then have to use a USB caddy for my 180gb drive and I'm not sure if I could cope with the constant noise!

Other options are:

  1. Wait until my current PC dies completely
  2. Try to fix the problems myself
  3. Pay someone to fix the problems
  4. Get a new PC
  5. Just use my laptop for everything

(My PC is primarily used for playing & storing videos & music as it is high spec – my laptop is used for work and is good but not great spec) - 16th

September 09, 2005

Web Pages That Suck

Writing about web page

A couple of months ago I posted this site on my blog, and some new comments reminded me of it so I submitted it to Web Pages That Suck and it is featured for - 9th

July 21, 2005

Real Life Pacman

Writing about web page

I really don't know what to say about this - 21st

July 08, 2005

Worst Web Site Ever?

Writing about web page

Ow my eyes! - 8th

June 23, 2005


Writing about web page

I don't like to brag, so I'll just say YAY!

All I will say is I have absolutely no idea how I managed 80% in maths! - 23rd

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