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June 23, 2005


Writing about web page

I don't like to brag, so I'll just say YAY!

All I will say is I have absolutely no idea how I managed 80% in maths! - 23rd

June 22, 2005

Joke of the Day

What do computer engineers use for birth control?

Answer - 22nd

June 21, 2005

26–Hour Days

Why can't we have 26 hour days? If I don't force myself to go to bed and get up at certain times, I seem to sleep for 9-10 hours and stay awake for 16-17! That's why I got up today yesterday at 2:30pm and I'm about to go to bed at 7am! - 21st

June 19, 2005


I'm just about to go to bed and I noticed that it's light outside and the birds are singing. I feel like I should be getting up now not going to bed! Oh - 19th

Hot or Spiders?

With the curtains open all the spiders come in, but the air makes it cooler… With them closed there's fewer spiders but it's hot!

It's not that I'm not scared of spiders. I don't like them in here that much, but I'll happily pick them up and put them outside… but I don't think I can cope with two dozen of them on the ceiling right above my bed! - 19th

June 08, 2005

Brilliant UI Design

AVG just ran it's scheduled scan, and for some reason I decided to click on the Results button. What comes up is a 3-col table of the main files and registry keys scanned ("Object"), the Result (all "ok"), and Status ("Scanned" or "Quick checked"). So far so good.

Now, if you click on any of these a Details button appears (yes, appears, it wasn't greyed out so you'd know it's there, but never mind that's not the point). If you then click this Details button, you get a popup box, as you might expect, which says similar to the following:

Object: c:\windows\regedit.exe
Result: ok

Where's The Detail?! That's less information than is in the main table! Who took the time to program that little feature? - 8th

June 06, 2005

Too many domain names?

The 60-day renewal reminder has just made me realise I've had my latest domain,, for 10 months now and I still haven't created the web site! This is in addition to the three domain names I have with my name (, my email () and my initials (, yet I still only have one working web site with little real content. Oh well, just 4 days until I can get back to - 6th

June 03, 2005

CSS & XHTML: A Nice Idea…

Follow-up to css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design from Dave's Blog

Category: Ramblings and Rants. You have been warned.

Having seen what's possible with CSS I decided to use XHTML and CSS for my intranet site. While the XHTML code is unquestionably simpler, therefore better for mobile devices, screen readers, etc., the number of hacks (workarounds) necessary just to cope with all the different browser implementations is horrendous!

I have a page with a background, a title, 7 main links, 3 sidebar headings and 8 sidebar links. My initial thought was to put the title and headings in H1 and H2s, and all the links in ULs, with DIVs where necessary for styling, then use CSS to position them and replace the text with images. For my purposes I don't need the text versions, but I wanted to see if this was possible for my other sites as well.

There are lots of text-to-image replacement methods available, and all have their limitations. I got it working in IE without too much trouble, but FireFox refused to hide the text. So I put the text in a SPAN and hid that instead, but then IE positioned everything wrong. It just looked completely wrong in Opera.

Better idea: use proper IMGs for the images, put ALT attributes for accessibility and TITLE="" attributes to prevent them showing as tooltips. This method works, although because I decided to use PNG for multi-level transparency (easier to move things around later) I have to have CSS 'filter's that hide the image and use DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader to place the image in the parent tag (H1, H2 or LI) instead. Since other browsers ignore the filter tag this has no side-effects like the previous method.

Next problem: Now the images display properly, but because they are in H2 tags in the sidebar (as per W3C recommendations for page structure) they refuse to align right in FireFox and Opera, but display fine in IE. Both CSS text-align and XHTML align do nothing, so either I change to DIVs or use float:right and clear:both to force them to the right. But this changes the layout slightly, and slightly different for each of the three browsers. Not a big problem for now because the intranet is very simple and the background is solid, but not useful on a real site where a few pixels out means the edges don't line up.

The last thing should be to style the text links in the sidebar. I've just spent about half an hour trying every combination of CSS attributes I can think of, and I still can't get them to position consistently. IE and Firefox show about 1 line space between each item (at 10px font size) but Opera shows about 2px. Any changes seem to be relative to these.

At this point I'm giving up and going back to tables! They may be out-dated now, and less accessible (sorry about that) but at least they're consistent without requiring different workarounds for every browser.

As a final note, I started using MediaWiki recently, on another part of my intranet, and the default skin (Monobook) has the following files:

  • IE50Fixes.css
  • IE55Fixes.css
  • IE60Fixes.css
  • IEMacFixes.css
  • KHTMLFixes.css
  • Opera6Fixes.css
  • Opera7Fixes.css

in addition to main.css. I have neither the software nor the patience to implement workarounds for all of the browsers! - 3rd

Vim Cheat Sheet

Writing about web page

You gotta love user-friendly programs! <s> - 3rd

June 02, 2005

Synergy: Control Multiple Computers From One Keyboard & Mouse

Writing about web page

While I'm writing about useful programs, here's another one I've discovered in the last few days.

If you have multiple computers on your desk (I have my desktop and my laptop) just run the Synergy server on the main one and the client on the other[s] and you can jump between them as if they were one computer.

Now I effectively have three monitors! - 2nd

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