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April 09, 2005

Not Fixing Things

Follow-up to Fixing Things from Dave's Blog

Fifa crashed again. Router froze again. - 9th

Spammer Sentenced to 9 Years in Jail

Writing about web page

Harsh sentence, but let's hope spammers start learning from this... I highly doubt it though! - 9th

April 07, 2005

Fixing Things

Edit: Extremely boring - moving to the Ramblings category. You've been warned.

1. My Dad's PC
It's only a few months old but it was crashing after playing Fifa or Tiger Woods Golf for anywhere between a few seconds and an hour. First I ran a few memory tests, and tried all the driver versions I could. No luck. Then I tried adding extra case fans. After it worked fine for a while with the case still off I put it all back together, only to find it broke in a few seconds the next time I tried. So then I tried changing the graphics card, since it's only in graphics-intensive games that it crashes. It still crashed in a few seconds the first time I tried it. Then I took both out, put the old stuff back and moved the RAM chip from slot 1 to slot 2. It ran for 4 games of Fifa before I decided I'd had enough of it – it seems to be working, but only time will tell. The random problems are the worst!

2. My Router
After it's been used for a while, the wireless signal drops and the router needs resetting. I read that this is because of bad design, with hot components placed under the wireless module. So all day I've had a fan pointing at it. When everyone else went to bed I switched the fan off and came upstairs. Within minutes the signal dropped! Unfortunately I have no way of knowing if it was just chance or not. - 7th

April 03, 2005

Google Fight

Writing about web page king

Whose idea was it to put "mac donalds" vs "burger king" on The Classics page?

"mac donalds" 110,000
"burger king" 2,840,000

"mcdonalds" 1,820,000
"burger king" 1,720,000

Clearly showing that they cannot spell and the results are clearly fixed!

PS McDonalds reigns supreme!
PPS They also have "alfa" (instead of "alpha") vs "beta"! (Beta still wins but not by as much) - 3rd

April 02, 2005


Writing about web page

Gmail added rich text a couple of days ago, and I also noticed they've fixed a bug that prevented some embedded images from showing, so I've decided to start using them again.

As usual I sent myself test messages to all 5 of my email accounts and sat waiting for them to arrive. After a couple of hours I decided something must be wrong. After another half hour of searching I realised I'd sent the messages from my Gmail account, so Gmail had realised it was a duplicate message (as it was stored in Sent Mail and All Mail) and discarded it! I sent them again from Outlook and 3 arrived immediately! I expect the DCS and ITS ones will turn up sooner or later… - 2nd

123 – 1234 = 49

I thought of this while I was lying awake last night.

123 - 1234 = 49

Anyone reckon they know why?
Answers on a postcard.

Edit 11:25pm
Click for answer - 2nd

Leaving the computer on at night

My computer doesn't like being turned off*, so for the last few nights I've left it on. On one hand this means it works immediately the next morning and I can leave downloads running over night instead of while I'm working. On the other, every time I'm lying in bed thinking of something I should do, I'm tempted to get up and do it immediately because it's only 1 metre from my bed! So I do. This was one of those things. :-|

* When I switch it back on half the time it goes dead after between 1 and 60 seconds. I have to turn it off at the hard switch or the wall and discharge it (press the power button until the light on the motherboard goes off) and turn it on again. Once it's been running for a minute I have no problems. Anyone got any ideas? - 2nd



When I read something (factual, not a fiction book or something), I want it to get straight to the point so I can get on with what I was doing.

I'd like to be able to do the same when I write, but with 1-sentence essay titles to stretch out into 1500 word answers I don't see how this is possible!

I've finally finished the first draft of my CS122 essay, which I'll edit in the morning afternoon, and it mainly consists of information about the technological advances of CCTV and how the Data Protection Act should protect us. There's not much else I can think of to go into detail about!

I decided the ID Cards debate would be worse as there's a lot of anti-ID Card propaganda available and very few concrete reasons given for the introduction of them!

Thank you, I'm done now! - 2nd

April 01, 2005


Writing about web page

I tried setting up my keyboard to act as Dvorak today after reading about why they're better than QWERTY (although this is disputed on other web sites).

I added US Dvorak, but since it doesn't have the £ sign and one of the keys is duplicated (standard US keyboards have 101 keys, UK have 102) I decided to edit it a bit to put the £ sign back in and change the duplicate key (# and ~) back to it's default (instead of \ and |).

The problem is after switching back and forth for a while Windows decided it doesn't really like switching! Sometimes the keymap used by Windows and other programs is different! I can press Win+R (QWERTY) then type and it comes out as Dvorak layout text! And other times is just refuses to change and then the language bar keyboard icon disappears!

I couldn't find any reason for this so I've uninstalled it for now. Having wasted the last three hours playing with this I'm now going back to the CS122 essay! - 1st

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