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April 29, 2005

Operation Spartacus!

Writing about web page - 29th

April 27, 2005

More Sensitive Terms

Writing about web page

"Train wreck" could be "rail transport guidance mishap (RTGM)"
"Plane crash" could be "aeronautic ground avoidance exception (AGAE)"
"Tsunami" could be "exceptional aquatic waveform event (EAWE)"
"Earthquake" could be "sudden geological tension release event (SGTRE)"
"Flood" could be "unexpected hydrological intrusion (UHI)"
"Fire" could be "unwanted thermological surge cause by excessively rapid oxdidation of ambient combustibles (UTSCBEROOAC or UTSCEROAC)"
"Atomic attack" coule be "aggressive chain reaction event unfortunately proximate to valuable life or property (ACREUPTVLOP or ACREUPVLP)"
"Heart attack" could be "biogenic oxidant supply chain problem resulting in catastrophic system pump failure (BOSCPRICSPF)"
"Vomit" could be "retrograde migration of partially processed biological fuel mixture (RMOPPBFM or RMPPBFM)" - 27th

April 22, 2005

Nessie The Little Dragon

Writing about web page|-3498839470723646230/168428332/6/8301/8301/8302/8302/8301/-1&keywords=Nessie+The+Little+Dragon&image=1751736&display=overview&displayname=Nessie+The+Little+Dragon


When will the madness stop?! I can't even watch Friends on E4 any more!!! - 22nd

April 21, 2005

'Master' and 'slave' labels unacceptable?

Writing about web page

PC really has gone too far! - 21st

Breaking IE

Writing about web page javascript:document.write("Hello")

If you set that as your home page it'll refuse to open! - 21st

Google Compute – Distributed Computation

Writing about web page

Google Compute is a new feature of the Google Toolbar. The goal of Google Compute is to make a contribution to science by enabling Google Toolbar users to easily donate their idle computer time to worthwhile causes. The Google Compute version of the Google Toolbar detects when a computer is idle and puts it to work on complex mathematical problem from such fields as drug design and global climate modeling.

Sounds more worth-while than looking for little green aliens! - 21st

April 17, 2005

Google Talk

Writing about web page

Dave Miller is a Democrat and a Republican president and a director of the Office of the Governor's Residence. The taxpayer may claim the credit, if you are a Librarian!

Use Google talk by entering three or four words below. The system will search for this sentence at Google, find the next word and print that. Than it will remove the first word of the search string, add the found word and repeat. The result seems to be meaningfull sometimes. Other times it is giblish. But always fun.

Google talk a Google Hack by Douwe Osinga - 17th

April 15, 2005

New Web Site Design

Last night in bed I thought up a design for my web site,

The idea is to have a menu common to all parts of the site, but use frames to outsource the weblog to here, the photo albums to somewhere else (currently investigating using Hello and Picasa), and possibly have different designs for the different sections. Each section would then be a web site in it's own right when removed from the frames.

Home Page
I spent a while on the menu, which is based on my current site design, but the right hand side was an afterthought. I think it's OK as a welcome page but would need more work if I was to use it for much of the site.

The menu entry is selected and a "remove frames" button is added. When I finally update my web site I will stop using "weblog" (I do on my current site as I've not changed it yet) and use "blog" to match the rest of Warwick.

This is another web site I plan to create when I get round to it. (At this rate that's never!) It illustrates how I can create other web sites and incorporate them into my own site.

I thought about reducing the menu size for the framed sites by using images without labels, but I think this would be less user-friendly.

Comments welcome. - 15th

April 11, 2005

MSN Screen Names


Recognisable Name: 8 (Thank you!)
Cryptic Name: 4 (Better than nothing)
Without Name: 6 (WHY?!!!)

The worst one, who prompted me to write this, is Jonny Rose, who has two messages in his screen name and another two in his personal message* so together they even fill up the tooltip and push the email address off the end! It takes at least two clicks to find out who he is!** (He says he doesn't care.)

* MSN 7 feature, for those who haven't upgraded yet
** (1 when he's offline) - 11th

Help: Which Domain Name?

I have two domain names that I could use for my web site:
This one's recognisable, but long to type.
This one's short, but not very memorable if you don't know my initials.

What do you think? - 11th

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