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March 27, 2005

The answer to life the universe and everything

Writing about web page answer to life the universe and everything%3D

You just can't argue with - 27th

March 25, 2005

Who is Claire anyway?

Writing about Questions for you from Claire Blogden

1. Iceland or Sweden?
Iceland just sounds cooler. No pun intended. Actually I couldn't find either on a map.

2. Spatula or spork?
I had to go look up spork, but I'll go with it anyway.

3. Unicorn or Pegasus?
Pegasus is an e-mail client to me, I don't know what it really is. Unicorn.

4. Rose creams or violet creams?
Strawberries and cream.

5. Toffee or fudge?

6. Coffee or tea?
Tea, but with lots of milk.

7. Lager or Ale? (not at all a loaded question ;-))

8. Sun or moon?
Sun. Though as a true CS geek I don't see it much.

9. Slugs or snails?

10. Puppy-dogs tails-discuss.
My dog doesn't have a tail. (Springer Spaniel and it was docked as a puppy.) So instead she just wags her whole backside!

11. "Fairy" or "Fearie"?
Fairy. (According to Google it's Faerie anyway)

12. JK Rowling or Phillip Pullman?
JK Rowling. Not heard of Pullman.

13. Harry, Ron, or Hermione?
Hermione just cause she's female. She should be older though. My sister doesn't like her though and would rather see Draco Malfoy (well more accurately Tom Felton) listed.

14. Are Demons a good idea, or would you rather not have to see yourself that clearly?
Like in Charmed? No?

15. Favourite mythical creature?

16. Ever heard of a Beholder? what is it?
Someone who holds bees.

17. Yorkie-can girls eat it too?
Only if they share with me! mmm

18.Chocolate coated raisins or yoghurt coated banana?
The second sounds strangely too healthy, but I don't like raisins.

19. What is the acceptable length for a scarf?
1209mm. No tassles.

20. Smarties or MnM's?
M&Ms cause they come in bigger bags.

21. Mini-eggs or creme eggs?
Mini. Until this year I'd have said creme eggs, but I think this year I suddently outgrew them and I don't like them now! :-(

22. Janis Joplin orJoni Mitchell?
Don't know of either, tho Joni Mitchell is mentioned in Will & Grace so I've heard the name.

23. Elves or Dwarves?
Elves. They make the Christmas presents for Santa.

24. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs?
I think I need to re-read the book cause I don't remember who's who.

25. Sheep or goat?
Goat to pet, lamb to eat.

26. Incense; sticks, cones or oil?
Guess I don't mind as long as it's not too strong.

27. Favourite incense smell?
No idea.

28. Last place you walked to?
Took the dogs for a walk along the Thames (Oxford) today. Don't remember where exactly. Most walking I've done in years I think!

Thanks to Claire for giving me a reason not to go to bed when I said I would yet again! - 25th

March 23, 2005

Girlfriend Quest

Writing about web page

Found this page while browsing /. - 23rd

March 15, 2005

Personal Development Planning

This category can't be - 15th


There shouldn't be anything (except this) in the Unfiled category - it's just where stuff will go when I forget to select a category... This is because I have forgotten a few times, and when they end up in General it's harder to remember which ones should be there and which I did just forget - 15th


Writing about web page

Stolen from Nai and edited a bit for consistency

I am: Shy
I have: Lots of things
I wish: I wasn't shy
I hate: Being bored simply because I can't be bothered to do anything
I miss: Enjoying programming
I fear: Being alone
I need: To go to bed
I hear: Music
I seek: A soul mate
I wonder: What could have been different
I regret: Nothing
I love: Eating; Animals
I ache: I can't think of anything to go here
I always: Listen to music
I am: Lonely
I dance: When no-one's watching
I sing: Only with my hands over my ears!
I hope: Things will turn out OK
I cry: At the happy endings in movies… only a little bit… I didn't tell you that
I am always: Staring at a computer screen… or sleeping… or eating
I write: When I have to, or when I have things on my mind
I win: Rarely. I usually do OK but not best
I lose: At any sports
I should: Get out more
I am often complimented for: Being hard working and helpful
I get embarrassed when: I'm around people I don't know
I keep a diary: When I have things on my mind – writing them down helps me stop thinking about them
I like to cook: Maybe I would but I just eat microwave meals at uni and come home to eat properly
I have a secret I have not shared with anyone: I don't share many of the things I think with other people, let alone actual "secrets"
I set my watch a few minutes ahead: All my clocks are no more than a minute out, and usually accurate to a second!
I bite my fingernails: Rarely to never
I believe in love: In many different forms - 15th

March 10, 2005

Magnetic Darts

I finally finished my game of magnetic Around-The-Clock darts exactly 7 weeks after I started it!!! - 10th

The wheel has now been reinvented. I hate the wheel!

aka Design of Information Structures Assignment, Wrabble

I hate statically typed languages right now! Although at least Java prints a debug backtrace whenever there's an error, unlike MoSML which just leaves you to hunt for obscure errors! - 10th

March 03, 2005

Does anyone actually read this?

Well, do you? Post a comment! - 3rd

March 01, 2005


Welcome to the new 'Ramblings' category!

At the moment I feel like I am always either bored or working, or just bored of working. For longer than I can remember I've spent every day on the computer, and for the last few (6+) years that's been programming and web design. But now that I'm here doing a CS course, programming is a chore, and I have no escape from it. I don't dislike it or anything, but until this year my escape from work was programming.

I went to Top B tonight for the first time, but I think I've spent too long in front of computers and now social interaction is a distant dream. I left after 2 hours.

PS Sorry if this bored you! - 1st

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