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March 15, 2005

Personal Development Planning

This category can't be - 15th


There shouldn't be anything (except this) in the Unfiled category - it's just where stuff will go when I forget to select a category... This is because I have forgotten a few times, and when they end up in General it's harder to remember which ones should be there and which I did just forget - 15th


Writing about web page

Stolen from Nai and edited a bit for consistency

I am: Shy
I have: Lots of things
I wish: I wasn't shy
I hate: Being bored simply because I can't be bothered to do anything
I miss: Enjoying programming
I fear: Being alone
I need: To go to bed
I hear: Music
I seek: A soul mate
I wonder: What could have been different
I regret: Nothing
I love: Eating; Animals
I ache: I can't think of anything to go here
I always: Listen to music
I am: Lonely
I dance: When no-one's watching
I sing: Only with my hands over my ears!
I hope: Things will turn out OK
I cry: At the happy endings in movies… only a little bit… I didn't tell you that
I am always: Staring at a computer screen… or sleeping… or eating
I write: When I have to, or when I have things on my mind
I win: Rarely. I usually do OK but not best
I lose: At any sports
I should: Get out more
I am often complimented for: Being hard working and helpful
I get embarrassed when: I'm around people I don't know
I keep a diary: When I have things on my mind – writing them down helps me stop thinking about them
I like to cook: Maybe I would but I just eat microwave meals at uni and come home to eat properly
I have a secret I have not shared with anyone: I don't share many of the things I think with other people, let alone actual "secrets"
I set my watch a few minutes ahead: All my clocks are no more than a minute out, and usually accurate to a second!
I bite my fingernails: Rarely to never
I believe in love: In many different forms - 15th

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