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October 24, 2004


Need I say more?

October 21, 2004

Civilisation 3

Great game, but it wastes so much time when I should be working.

October 13, 2004

The Campanologist

Those of you who have read this blog before may notice that I've changed the name of it. But why choose this particular name, you may ask. Because I'm a campanologist. But what's that? It's a person who rings bells. Like me. If you want to find out more about people who ring bells or the art of bell-ringing, the Warwick University Bell Ringing Society website is located here where you can find out all you need to know about bell-ringing, and if you can't, there are links there to sites where you can.

And now, a joke involving bell-ringers:

The cathedral was advertising for a new bell-ringer when a man with no arms came to the bishop and said "Father, I'd like to be the new bell-ringer."
"But you've got no arms!" replied the bishop, "How are you going to ring the bells?"
"Take me up the tower and I'll show you." said the man.
So the bishop took the man up the tower to the ringing chamber and showed him the ropes, but the man said "No. Take me all the way up to the bells."
So the bishop took the man up to the belfry and showed him the bells. The man went up to the lightest bell, took a few paces back, ran up to it and headbutted it. The bishop was amazed at the wonderful sound that rang out from the bell. "That was wonderful," he said, "but can you do that with the other bells?"
The man went round each bell in turn, headbutting each one and producing marvellous sounds each time, until he came to the largest bell in the tower. On his run up to this bell, he slipped, bounced off the bell, lost his balance, fell out the window, and plummeted to his death in the square below. The bishop was horrified and ran down the tower to the square, where a crowd had gathered. The bishop pushed his way to the front of the crowd, where a policeman was keeping the crowd away from the body.
"Father, do you know this man?" asked the policeman.
"I don't know his name," replied the bishop, "but his face rings a bell."

Wait, there's more!

The following week, the bishop was surprised when he met another man with no arms. "Father," said the man, "I am the brother of the poor soul who died last week while applying to be your new bell-ringer. I would also like to apply."
The bishop was cautious after the events of the previous week, but agreed to take this man up to the belfry and let him ring the bells. However, the same accident occurred, and this man also plummeted to his death in the square below the belltower. Horrified once more, the bishop again rushed down the stairs, pushed through the crowd and met the policeman.
"Father, what about this man?" asked the policeman, "Do you know his name?"
"No," replied the bishop, "but he's a dead ringer for his brother.

October 07, 2004

DVD review – Star Wars trilogy

4 out of 5 stars
Eventually found time to watch all three of the films and the bonus disc of extra stuff, and I've noticed a few changes that George Lucas has made between the special edition videos and this DVD set, but only one really bothered me, right at the end of Return of the Jedi. As for the bonus disc, there's a documentary about the history of Star Wars, and some previews of Episode 3. The fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan looks really cool even when all they've got of it on the bonus disc is them doing it infront of a green-screen with sticks. Overall, the bonus disc is OK for those who like that sort of thing, and the films are as good as they ever were (far better than the prequels, in my opinion) with only the one annoying change from George Lucas.

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