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July 18, 2006

Someone likes me!

Writing about web page

I just discovered in the About Me section of this blog a nice little link telling you who has your blog in their favourites. So I checked mine and the list looked pretty much as I expected, consisting of people I know, and then I found this one. Apparently my blogging has been good enough to persuade one person I don't know and have (probably) never met to add me to their favourites. Yay for me! And thank you to Andrew McFarland, whoever you are.

July 07, 2006


So, it's my 4th blog entry after coming back from tour, so maybe I should write a bit about tour. Photos can be found here.

So, tour. It started at a ridiculous hour early on Saturday morning, when after telling the man at University House that I was there to pick up a van for the Brass Society, he gives me the wrong set of keys. Of course, I didn't discover this until after I'd walked through the rain to the car park and tried to open the van with them. Five minutes later I'd managed to get the right set of keys and was able to get the van down to the Music Centre to start getting everything loaded on to it.

The journey down was fine. The roadworks on the M5 happened during the shift I wasn't driving, so I didn't have to worry about those. The roadworks on the A30 happened when I was driving, so I got stuck in a queue there for a bit, which was annoying. But we got to Nine Ashes eventually and met up with the Thora Hird tour before moving off to Launceston for the joint concert with Launceston Town Band.

Sunday was a fairly quiet day. Rehearsal followed by lunch followed by driving people to the pub to watch the England game. At this point I notice that changing gears in the bus I was driving is sounding louder than it should be.

Monday, the Eden Project. Preceded by the clutch going in one of the minibuses, the one that felt dodgy when I drove it on Sunday. Fortunately I wasn't in that bus at the time, so it wasn't my problem. Anyway, it got sorted out and shuttle runs were made to get everyone to the Eden Project, which was similar to how I remember it from when I went there previously, except that the man who talks about bananas wasn't there this time.

Tuesday. Down to Falmouth for a Symphonic gig at Pendennis castle in front of an audience consisting almost entirely of castle staff and groupies. Followed by some time in Falmouth and another minibus clutch going on the way back to the campsite. Fortunately by this time the garage had phoned Rebecca to say that the first minibus was repaired and ready to be picked up, so it didn't really put us in a worse situation to what we were in already.

Wednesday, St Austell. Brewery tour first, which wasn't as good as it was last time I went, probably due to the tour guide. the beer as nice, and the rum was as strong as I remembered (71% abv, nice). Followed by some time in the town itself, a lot of which was spent bowling. I managed to score an aggregate of over 200 in the two games, as well as getting a double strike, but congratulations are due to Kel for her 140–something in the first game, and Craigy for 150–something in the second game, which included not missing a pin until about the 7th frame.

Thursday: Bandstand gig in Newquay. Managed to stall the van four times reversing it up a steep slope out of the council office car park to take all the instruments down to the bandstand. After the gig we played Crazy Golf, and i won out of our group with 56, including a hole in one at the last. Then met Spooner, who'd finally managed to make his way down.

Friday, Hidden Valley. Cue bad Richard O'Brien impressions as everyone went round the site trying to find all the crystals. The prize at the end was very nice. Followed by the end–of–tour meal in Wadebridge and a last night campfire back at the campsite.

Saturday. Pack up, leave, get stuck in roadworks on the M5, eventually arrive back on campus at 4, unpack the van and get to the Union at half time in the England–Portugal game, watch the game, come home.

As for what I've been doing this week, I've kind of already blogged that. I had a job interview on Tuesday and got offered the job on Thursday, see my previous entry for more details.

July 06, 2006


So, I'm finally sorted (almost) for next year. I have a job offer for a position as an Analyst/Programmer at a small company called Dorset Software, based (surprisingly enough) in Poole, Dorset. So, subject to suitable references, I will soon be earning £20,000 a year down on the south coast. Yay!

July 05, 2006


Writing about web page

During the course of the second term, I was involved in the making of a film by the Maths Department to be used to show prospective undergraduates what an average day in the life of a maths student is like. This film, called G103 has now been finished and is available online here. My role is as an extra in the lecture scene and also in the scene labelled "Dance of the Mathematicians".

End of degree questionaire

Well, everyone else seems to be doing it and I don't really have anything else to do, so here's my answers to these questions.

Best day: Dunno. Can't really think of any especially good days. Plenty of days have been good, especially in the last two years, but I can't think of any that stand out as best. Possibly Gala Concert day last year when I wrote this entry.

Worst day: Again, nothing in particular springs to mind. This one's more likely to be something from the first two years, as they weren't nearly as good for me as the second two years were.

Best decision: Getting more involved with the Music Centre. I know I'm not nearly as involved in the Music Centre as a lot of you are, but in my first year pretty much all I did music wise was turn up to rehearsals. Starting to go to The Bar after band on Wednesdays (yes, Brass Band did used to go to The Bar and not The Graduate) means I now know a lot of cool people I wouldn't really know otherwise (despite my MC involvement still mostly confined to Wednesdays).

Worst mistake: Dunno. Possibly living in Coventry in my second and third years when most of my friends lived in Leamington. I still think Coventry is objectively a nicer place to live than Leam, but subjectively I think I'd have enjoyed my time more if I'd lived closer to my friends.

Craziest on–campus antic: I'm not really one for doing crazy things. I can think of some crazy things I've done during the last four years, but they weren't on campus, so they don't count. Marching round campus using glowsticks as our light source for the OWW carnival one year was kind of crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if I now get denounced as sad and boring by some of the crazier readers here.

Favourite place on campus: The Chaplaincy. Spent a lot of time there in my third year. It's a very nice place to revise, as there are plenty of people doing crazy things and/or offering to make tea to distract you, but not too many that you don't do all the work you were planning.

Most painful experience: Not really hurt myself that much at uni. All of things I've done that have left scars happened before then. At uni, it was probably the experience in Tae Kwon Do that taught me that wearing shin pads while sparring is a very very good idea. Or possibly Matt kicking me in the face.

Favourite lecturers: Colin Sparrow, Dave Wood, Colin Rourke.

Worst lecturer: Hmm. MacKay wasn't really a bad lecturer. He clearly knew what he was doing, although the rest of us generally didn't. So the worst lecturer award is a toss up between Dmitry Rumynin and John Moody. I'll go for Moody.

Biggest waste of time: Going to John Moody's Commutative Rings lectures in the third year. Went to pretty much all the lectures before I decided to drop the course.

Most valuable use of time: Either Chaplaincy or Music Centre socialising/dossing. Met plenty of weird and wonderful people in both.

Shortest time between beginning an assignment and handing it in: I've always tried to finish all my assignments the night before they're due at the latest. So probably about a day.

Average time spent awake during a one–hour lecture: About an hour.

Number of Pub Jogs completed: 0

Number of times drunk: Some, possibly lots. The time I was most drunk would have been the Friday of the Real Ale Festival in my second year.

Number of exams sat: Somewhere in the thirties.

Number of times expelled from Students Union: 0

Cars crashed: 0, but some extremely minor incidents involving Union minibuses which no one noticed.

Cars owned: 0

Friends for life: Some, and hopefully more.

Best Friends: A few.

Girlfriends: 0, unfortunately. I'm far too shy.

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