May 10, 2006

hey rob

got back from a weird weekend in sheffield and i think i've ruined tv for me. i'm hoping i can 'walk it off' (that is watch lots of tv and get back in the swing of things)

however i've started a draft on why tv is ruined for me… but i'm not going to post it until it's clear and concise and i think it makes sense. i'm trying to squeeze all my thoughts out of my head but it's going to take some time.

anyone who's interested check back soon.

i should add, james in sheffield didn't want me telling him this after i tried to explain it to him as he doesn't want tv ruined, so be careful what you read.


November 24, 2004

the blog that is this one

so, it took me damn ages to get this blog going. why now? why now, you ask? well – i've got an assignment due in tomorrow which i can't be bothered to do. and you know how you always have those really good ideas of things to do when you've got work that needs to be done, well that's what happened here.

also one idea i've been toying with for a while is a pro evo society – so if anyone has any ideas on that, let me know. (for anyone who doesn't know what pro evo is… leave. find out. experience. enjoy. come back.)

woo, score tonight. the lamest evening on the calendar events of my week. the way forward is… centurion. with beer? nope. vodka red bull all the way. my record (after one attempt) was 40, (and that was mostly vodka) so tonight i will aim to get over 50. i think with normal mix that could be quite easy. i recken i can get to 100 one day. practise makes better.

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