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January 26, 2005

Time Bandits

Writing about web page

4 out of 5 stars

Famous names, a band of timetravelling midgets, a large mix of various types of fantasy and a final showdown in a set quite literally thrown together form some lego bricks. What more could anyone ask for?

This film belongs in the memory along with other classics such as Willow and The Princess Bride in the days when films didn't need to have over the top special effects, although there are several amusing occurances here.

In short, a subtle blend of Pythonyesque humour and western fantasy which adds up overall to an amazing adventure story.

To be fair, is beginning to look a bit dated by todays standards. But like many things retro, has not lost it's charm.

In my opinion Gilliam's greatest film!

And so it begins

Well this is hardly just the start of my year away from the university working, but the first i've seen of this WB malarky.

6 months of no university is a long time and although the money is good, the university lifestyle is suddenly put into perspective when compared to the 36.5 hour 9-5 working week that i have at the moment. (And the worrying thing about it is, apparently this isn't it, I might actualy have to do this for some years to come after uni!).

This isn't gonna be a guide to a sandwich year, or for that matter anything useful at all i imagine. More a pouring out of my random thoughts and experiences during my time out. If anyone actually gains any useful info from it then I am not to be held responsible!

Oh and for all that are interested, i'm at Astrazeneca for my 12 month placement, living in lovely Macclesfield, Nr. Manchester, where it always seems to rain and the local amusements are a little to be desired.

Is all good though, and will update on my take on how has all been going and the general vibe from the placement students at a later date. For now just enjoy the pictures of drunk chemistry/ biology (see what being away from uni has made me associate myself with!) people and feel lucky to be in a world where 9 o'clock starts are "optional" and no-one minds if you are blantantly pissed all day!

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