April 04, 2010

To the ends of the earth

I wrote this. Can't remember when.

The question to ask here is:

N. is sitting at his desk which is semi-cluttered w./sheets of paper, empty cups, pens, empty cigarette packets. Lamp to the right and speakers to each side on the floor. In pride of place is a monitor – wide, bright, imposing, angled such that N.’s face is slightly upturned to it (establish connotations of worship). Underneath the desk is the actual computer – this large, black, glossy – many lights. N. is (smirking) and typing. Instant messaging window is open on his monitor currently. Now he switches to a browser window and starts to watch a video. Ordinary street view; after a few seconds a man falls over in a slapstick comedy fashion. Video cuts out, N. (smirks), returns to IM window. Types for a few more seconds then stands, leaves the room. Returns approx. 6 mins later w./cup of coffee. Sits again and starts to type. Sips the coffee. (N.B – music is playing throughout – medium-paced AOR) Continues sitting, switching between IM window and browser w./various videos which are generally similar to previous one. Drinks coffee. Eventually cup is empty. N. continues in same fashion, occasionally addressing (poss. sarcastic) remarks to subjects of videos (technically apostrophe). Foulmouthed.

Suddenly: behind N. door is smashed inwards, two large men in leather jackets burst in and as he turns drag him away from his desk, pin him against a wall. He makes various exclamations/protests, men don’t respond. Third man enters, this one pale/bald w./wide jaw, obnoxious smile, wrinkles. Nods to N., walks to his computer. Looks pointedly at computer, then at N (perpetually maintaining obnoxious exaggerated smile) and taps chin to communicate thoughtfulness. N’.s protests now have become screams, tears. Smiling man nods to communicate understanding, poss. sympathy, then turns to monitor and opens his wide mouth, bites out a chunk. Begins to chew, crunching sounds heard. Leaves traditional bitemark shape in the monitor. N. now completely breaks down, screams (heartrending) into the void of existence why oh why. Smiling man finishes chewing, swallows with obvious difficulty, widens his mouth so wide and engulfs remainder of monitor. Bites, chews, swallows. Then turns, prances to window and dives out through, breaking the glass. Men holding N. give one perfunctory punch to the stomach each then follow smiling man out of the window. N. doubled up in pain, giving keening sounds, these slowly morph into growls, pitch of which drops to a point unlikely given N.’s size/species. N. looks up, eyes turn black, sudden wings (batlike) burst from his shoulders and he swears a bloodcurse, an unholy bloodcurse upon the men who’ve done this; charges to the window and leaps out, flying like a nightmare into the night, a veritable storm of vengeance – but wait! They’ve left gargoyles to combat you, stone abominations crawling from the very depths of concrete hell itself – what will you do now, N.?

What will you do?

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