May 11, 2009

Poems from large portfolio

Wrote stuff for big portfolio. This is some of that. Might add more later, might not. WAAAH.


So hell sticks to them all. Sown up and down

on arable land, fresh and red it screams.

The crops it births spread rabies. Redenned men

who eat them will turn butcher and make gowns

of skin. The women carve themselves to leave

a pretty skull. Their homes are ash; corpse dens.

And demons swoop through clouds, steal children. All

the mothers cry; the fathers roar. Split seas

claim thousands. Scylla and Charybdis. Birthed

by gods we’ve scorned, they’re vengeful. So we fall

to knees, we pray for mercy. They won’t leave

us. Only souls can care. They worship hurt.

But I know that I’m safe in my calm sleep.

No fangs drip here; the only mouths that turn

and smile for blood have no dull human teeth.

I know evil only comes from demons.

Sleeping Beauty/Sleeping Giant

I could drown in slumber. Worlds are doused in

sleep, the oceans of it coil together

swarms of faces in the glass-clear blue. Thin

and calm we float oblivious kept pure

by hands that burn the poison. They won’t let

it in our ears. We’re all so safe in fur

and down; they must be angels. Taxing debt

with grace, they’ll let us sleep forever if

we promise we will only dream of them.

And all the unwatched waves will grind the cliffs

to pebbles; soil will starve and trees will choke.

There’s nothing we can do. So hard to lift

our heads and anyway we’re weak and soaked.

The demons would just laugh us down. You wait;

for all we make one more will be invoked

to tear it all apart. In here their hate

can’t touch us and that’s all we need. So trust

the hands; you know that they can deal with fate.

You know what demons do; they’ll murder us

if we look up. I know what demons do.

They’ll murder us if we look up. It’s just-

I had a different dream. I saw into

the hands, into their hearts. They fed

us poison sleep. The demons that we knew

could kill us, they were nowhere. We were red.

Dreams were heroine. Nothing there was damned.

We were bred for rape but I looked down, bled,

and saw the knife not chained into my hand.

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