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December 13, 2011

Step 1: Research Question – Completed Already?

Official start date of my PhD journey: 1 December 2011. As part-time PhD student I am given 7 years to complete the mission and what better way to start than with attending Research Methodology (REME). So, flying in from Hong Kong, on 7-8 December I indulged myself in topics like Literature Review, Research Design, Mind-mapping or Case Studies. I vaguely recalled the topics from my previous Masters studies but it was worthwhile the trip to dust off my brains which had been used for over 15 years in a corporate setting only.

Some lecturers officially mentioned it, some students informally confirmed it: it can take a large part of the first year to just come up with a research question or research title. No kidding.

I was glad I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jay Bal, my supervisor, for the first time and it was worth missing the Arden lunch as we managed to change the draft research question New Online Business Models in the Gaming Industry and the Implications for Organizational Design in Betting Companiesinto the following one:

Social Media Based Online Business Models for the Gaming Industry

That seems quick, just a week to get this research question/title done - too fast? Let's see if it holds in the longer term but for now it gives me enough structure to logically dissect the topic into following componments:

  • Social Media
  • Online - Social Networks
  • Business Models
  • Gaming Industry

As per Jay's suggestion I will first dig into the literature of Business Models and will let you know all about it.

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