February 16, 2006

Not blogged in Yonks

Someone reminded me about my blog today. I used to spend so much time on here writing and reading other peoples blogs. But alas, no more, instead i got a girlfriend…and shes brilliant!

Happy days

July 15, 2005

Beagle in Australia

Thats right, im writing this from sunny Sydney (or at least not so sunny Paramatta.)

I've now been in Australia for two weeks and have enjoyed every single minute of it. The Australian people are sp friendly, probably the friendliest people I have EVER met and i like to think that Wales, Leamington and even the little island i used to live on from time to time of Florida were extremely friendly places. But you know what, the Ozzies just blow them all away, they truely know the meaning of the word hospitality.

And talk about beautiful sceanary. The Blue Mountains are the most magnificant landscapes I have ever seen (and again i think I've seen some pretty good sites). All in all this is a fab trtavel destination, summer or winter.

May 04, 2005


I cant believe it!!! After being a fan for nearly 15yrs we've finally got something to be REALLY proud of.

So yeah we won th treble under Houlier but i'm not sure that even comes close to the way i was feeling and am feeling now.

I'm not sure i've stopped smiling since and my face is a long way from hurting.

It took me over 2 hours to get to sleep last night because i just kept thinking it over ion my mind.

We need a statue of Jamie Carragher up outside Anfield as soon as possible.

You don't get into the history books for finishing 4th in the premierhip, but you do for winning the Champions League.

I have every faith we can and cant wait to silence evryone who says we cant!

March 10, 2005

Battle of the Bands Final

Well i was there, so was ricky and even Daryl turned up. But what about the bands.

If you were there then you'd have to agree that this years final was an awesome showcase of the talent we have in this uni. Out of 6 bands i thought 4/5 were in with a shout of winning, unbelievable.

The night kicked off with "A Day Remains", its fairly obvious that i like this band and they didn't disappoint. By no means their best performance but they were solid and just generally entertained. Shame they had to open.

Then what happened next i was not prepared for. Pink Spider? Hardcore Metal? Tis true that i've been getting back into this kinda stuff lately but i did not expect to be swept away like i was. These guys were truely fantastic. they put on a great show and showed themselves to be good musicians.

Then what happened..well, after all thats been said by me about the Carter monouver (more on them) I've decided to take the stance, "If you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all". So i'll just say that the third band were "The Sweet Nothings"

Then came the eventual winners, Replica X. Im a little biased because i'm mates with Ollie but these guys were awesome. I've seen them before and thought they put on a great show but nothing like Tuesday night. Hats off to them (Still think that it should have gone to Pink Spider though)

Then there was The Great lakes. I have to say i wa really looking froward to this part of the evening beacuse these guys ahd beaten pink spider in their heat, the same spider that had just blown me away.
Well they didnt disappoint, they got on stage and did what they did. They by no means performed like Replica x or Pink Spider and in that sense i suppose the format is not in their favour but i enjoyed it. They were something different and I thought they were in with a shout

Then finally, what i saw as the crunch event, The Carter manouver took to the stage. I said before that i'd approach with an open mind and i did. I was genuinely suprised. They really put on a good set and i can kinda see why people like them now. Their second and third songs were pretty cool and i couldnt help but bob around. I still would have put them 4rth for the night (behind Pink Spider, Replica X and A day remains) but at the same time cant argue that they didnt deserve 2nd (if that makes sense) They churned out some original stuff that was actually quite good (think i've made the point that origanality doesnt mean good nessicarily). So well done. Still not going to listen to Fioto though.

What did everyone else think?

February 19, 2005

Battle of the Bands

Just a quick blog to say that "A day Remains" got what they deserved in their BOTB heat on thursday. These guys are far and a way my favourite uni band and i'm very much looking forward to them kicking Interloper and The Sweet Nothing's asses in the final.

Good luck lads, im gunna wear a t-shirt that says "Paddy got me Pregnant

Haven't Blogged In Ages

Isn't it strange how one can very quickly get out of the habit of blogging. Its not like i was an intensive blogger or anything but i remeber the days when i was excited to read other peoples blogs, when the blog homepage had a recent entries and a hot topics board. Infact i'm sure that the day they changed the home page is teh day that blogs finally got pants.

Anyways, had a lovely meal over anneli's house the other night and some how we all got onto the subject of fish and the group were thouroughly amazed by some interesting facts:

1) Fish don't have ears, they dont make noise and can't hear any
2) Things like whales and dolphins which clearly do make noise do have ears, but there not fish
3) Sharks are fish and therfore don't make any noise and don't have any ears. However did you know that a shark cant stop swimming? They have no way of forcing water through their gills except by moving. So even when they sleep they keep swimming or else they die. Shame
4) There lives a little fish in south america that wont go in water. If you try and put it in water it just jumps out. Instead it exsists in a thin film of water on leaves and stuff.
5) The voices attributed to the fish in "finding Nemo" are those of actors. As previously stated fish cant hear or make noise so anything they say in that footage is just what some people guessed they might say if they could speak. Devistated.

January 14, 2005

Mighty Mighty Morientes

Come on the Pool.

HAHAHA, ManCity wanted 12mil for Anelka, HAHAHAHA.

Hope all you mancs know that tommorow is teh only game morientes will play for liverpool because he's going to be up on a rape charge after tommorows match….I can't wait.

£6.3. Mil, am i the only one who finds this embaresingly low? Although look what happened last time we pulled a coup like this. thats right Kewell for about 3 mil, that was a joke and so is he. If Morientes does get sentenced for serving the entire Red half of Manchester hopefull Kewell can do his time for him

£6.3 hahahhahahahahaha

January 08, 2005

Cheerful facts

Firstly apologies for the terrible "fact" that i put forward in my last entry I shall be verifiing my sources more thourghly from now on.

So heres todays facts, should cheer everyone up:

Its is a verified fact that 35,000 people die annually in the U.S.A from flu.

but theres still hope because there once was a man who went in to rob a bank. He demanded the clerk to give him all the money. They told him to go sit out in his car and they would bring him the bags of money. He agreed and went out to his car. In the meantime, the people in the bank called the police. When they got there the man was still sitting in his car waiting for the money.

Only in America

January 07, 2005

Some Tastey Geography Treats

Ever wanted a fact you could just use at a party to stun people with your vast knowldege of everything? Well knowledge isn't a trick, its called an education. But if you do want to trick some people into thinking your a know everything genius, try one of these

Afghanistan is the only nation whose name begins with an "A", but doesn't end in an "A". FACT (except Azerbijhan, also there are practically no countries that start and end with the same letter except those in tha "a" catagory)

The surface area of the Earth is 197,000,000 square miles. FACT

Forty six percent of the world's water is in the Pacific Ocean. The Atlantic has 23.9 percent; the Indian, 20.3; the Arctic, 3.7 percent. FACT

And finally…

Snoring is prohibited in Massachusetts unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked. It is also illegal to go to bed without first having a full bath. FACT

Thats got me thinking anyway

January 06, 2005

Some More Lovely Interesting Facts

Did you know that the first person to ever distill bourbon whiskey was actually a baptist minister?

"Early in the colonial history of America, a Baptist minister, Elijah Craig, established a still in Georgetown, Kentucky and began producing whiskey from a base of corn. The still is said to have been one of the first in Kentucky and customers in neighboring towns christened his product Bourbon County Whiskey, from the county of origin."

Taken from link

And if that wasn't enough, did you know that spiral staircases in medieval castles are running clockwise. This is because all knights used to be right-handed. When the intruding army would climb the stairs they would not be able to use their right hand which was holding the sword because of the difficulties of climbing the stairs. Left-handed knights would have had no troubles, except left-handed people could never become knights because it was assumed that they were descendants of the devil.

All true my friends, all true

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