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April 22, 2011

Where it pretty much all started

Thought it'd be pretty remiss of me not to mention where the majority of my understanding and interest on all this came from...

Lawrence Lessig has written a couple of damn good books on copyright, intellectual property and innovation in the context of the net. Sound utterly thrilling? Yeah I didn't massively think so either, but then I realised it was all like "WHOOOSH cyberspace ZOOOM microsoft battling apple KAPOWW freakin' linux man!!" Check these bad boys out:

The Future of IdeasFree CultureCode

Alright admittedly Stephen Seagal wasn't interested when I sent him my adapted screenplay. But look how awesome the cover is on the middle one, it's apparently just lines but when you squint ARGH YOU SLY DEVIL YOU! Plus it's downright interesting stuff...who knew AT&T used to literally be in charge of the US phone system for proper ages? We can't really conceive of the kind of monopoly they had nowadays, madness it was. And that they were running Bell Labs; transistors, anyone? Foundations of modern electronics? Far as I knew they were just the guys with vaguely annoying ads and billboards in some ridiculously remote places on small Caribbean islands.

Anyways short of rushing to a book store near you, check out the lad's blog here. Been dormant a while now but there's plenty to be absorbed working backwards, if it's bringing up to speed you're after...

Divine intervention…

Came across this yesterday, your man Tim B-L getting worried about his baby, I mean jeez, cut the umbilical cord already. The specifics refer to the slow progress of self-regulation by the web itself in terms of neutrality, and I feel the magnitude of the situation is highlighted if the Almighty has decided to step and see if his guiding hand still has any of the old magic in it. Is state intervention really the only option if the situation turns critical though? Or are we out of the frying pan and into the fire?

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