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June 20, 2006

Last Ever Radio Show

Writing about web page

That's right – the last ever prime time with Paul and David! Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 1-3 PM


Win a valuable prize with The price is right in lost in Dave's Translator.
So how does this work? Well, we've translated the prize's name from English to Dutch to French to German and back to English, and it's come out as:

"Keeps upright, which calls the music 2006 me DVD"

Work out what that might have started out life as, guess the price of the prize and send it to us in the studion during the show, by text, e–mail or web form (see the radio warwick website for details). So, for example, if you think it's a tube of toothpaste (it isn't!) you might send in "£0.99". But today's prize is worth far more than that! Closest price at the end of the competition wins – DJ's decision is final.

Your songs just contact us (all details on Radio Warwick's Website ) and we'll do our best to play it

General fun and banter, and guests galore!

So listen in, get in contact – it's going to be great!

November 30, 2005


Writing about web page

Just wondered how many people use Skype on campus… I really like it, and its been good to call people with :)

Did anyone else get the free headset with the telegraph yesterday? Only I didn't buy the telegraph, just the headset (they'd run out of telegraphs) hehe :)

November 22, 2005


Writing about web page

Hey all,

If you haven't done already, join Warwick's Facebook – its a great way of meeting friends of friends, random people, and joining groups together – all in the name of work avoidance!!!

Join – and feel free to add me – I don't bite!


November 17, 2005

Who are they?! : Challenge the first

Here's a new idea – I'm going to describe someone (not too well though!) and through some cryptic clues, you've got to work out who it is. Person who gets it goes into a gallery of rogues (i'm not sure how, but i'll do it!)

OK, here's person the first's description.

This person is well sought after… they're well renowned for providing warm satisfaction in the student's union… and it must be said that when they finally broke jail, they managed to escape to foreign soil. Of course, this involved sleeping on the floor of what must be a train stop for farting customers. Of course, they're the best person in the world… probably

Comment your Guesses now!!!

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