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January 16, 2014

Small Press Publishers

I have finished now the bulk of the updates to records for small press publishers. I provide below a work-in-progress list of all the small presses currently in our collection (if you have any more by all means tell me).

I have added a corporate body heading (710) to the records and recorded the RDA relationship as "publisher". In section 6 in RDA "Record relationships between persons, families and corporate bodies", chapter 21 (relating to manifestational (no, its not a real word) relationships) publishers are mentioned here: Record a publisher, if considered important for access. Apply the general guidelines on recording relationships to persons, families, and corporate bodoes asscociated with a resource (18.4 if you're interested)

Since we now have to live with the reality of hybrid records on our system I don't see this as problematic. These are RDA headings ("authorised access points") in AACR2 records. The only really 'rad' aspect is the relationship designer.

Speaking of 'rad' go check out the hippy, crazy, beatnik, 1960s, pot-smoking, hemp trouser wearing, long haired, bearded, incomprehensible, poetry, you can search by publisher now, unless you're too 'square':

If you want to view (or add to) a list of small presses at Warwick go here

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