January 29, 2005

Commercial Services

The Union should be a place where students WANT to go and not a place where they go because they can't be arsed to go to Cov or Leam. The Students Union owes it to the students to cater to student's needs. I will work hard in order to ensure that the feedback system is enlarged and a genuine, known-about way of instigating change.

If people are in the building then that can only be a positive thing. In order to ensure this I would work hard with the CDCO to investigate the possibility of 2 happy hours (and a half) per evening. One being at 6/6.30 and the other at 9/9.30. If the first happy hour coincides with the reintroduction of school dinners, it means that students are in the building which is a positive thing for finances. As well as this, we owe it to the students to provide a cheap option for food (battered is good but not always super healthy!). Xananas is also awesome but not always affordable for alot of students.

I am very aware of the arguments against the reintroduction of School Dinners. It was financially unviable. However, this was when the meals were 99p. If we doubled the price then it is still very cheap. Also, if we are gettign people in the building then it means they consume other products that we sell.

I am also aware of the problems that Food and Beverage staff encounter with the kitchen in Cholo. This needs to be improved so that our service to the students can be improved.

There is currently provision for halal and kosher foods. However, it would be a good thing to investigate into the possibility of widening the variety.

There should be a greater variety of food available all the time, not just for one world week menus.

Greater variety of events in order to ensure that there is something for everyone!

The Graduate is a good, old fashioned pub. Good old fashioned pubs have jukeboxes. We need a jukebox for the Graduate.

Wonky tables: We buy new ones!

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