January 29, 2005

Why vote for me?

Basically I'm a normal student, a nice bloke who genuinely just cares. I have been involved since my first year and have a great deal of experience with how the Union works. As Social Studies Rep I sat on University boards as well as Union committees. This year I am on the Exec and have chaired the Communications Committee. However, just because I have been involved, it doesn't mean that I am a hack. I care loads about getting students involved and worked my ass off to help get 2 general meetings quorate as well as the spring elections and referenda. I want to do what I can to help students get involved and make Union politics less cliquey. If we are to keep students involved then they must be able to know what's going on- the end of the last AGM turned into a farce because the students did not know what was going on.

Vote Daryl. I'm a good bloke and I care.

Ta for reading!

Absolutely everybody. Everybody. Everybody.

The Studentís Union is for ALL students. There needs to be more focus on under-represented groups: International (as above), PGCE, MBA, QTS, Intercalating, Part-time, mature, Undergraduate Teaching Students, Students with disabilities, Postgraduates and those in Gibbet Hill and Westwood. Communication with these groups needs to improve.


The Union must campaign on interests which affect students whether this may be Make Poverty History, Tsunami Relief, Environmental Campaigns or working with Stagecoach and Travel Coventry to improve Bus Services or talking to the University and lobbying the local Council regarding car parking.

First class Uni. Second Class Library. Hmm…

Work with the University to think of ways of improving the Library services. The Learning Grid is awesome but should not be an alternative. It should be a supplement.

Also, an idea…..When I was studying in Hong Kong, the core reading for each week was photocopied and kept behind a desk by the librarian. This was not allowed to leave the library. However, anyone from the course could borrow it and photocopy it or read it whilst in the library.

Also, investigate the possibility of there being a reading pack made available by module directors. This is done by some departments and whilst it would be more expensive, the costs would be kept to a minimum and would be invaluable.

Commercial Services

The Union should be a place where students WANT to go and not a place where they go because they can't be arsed to go to Cov or Leam. The Students Union owes it to the students to cater to student's needs. I will work hard in order to ensure that the feedback system is enlarged and a genuine, known-about way of instigating change.

If people are in the building then that can only be a positive thing. In order to ensure this I would work hard with the CDCO to investigate the possibility of 2 happy hours (and a half) per evening. One being at 6/6.30 and the other at 9/9.30. If the first happy hour coincides with the reintroduction of school dinners, it means that students are in the building which is a positive thing for finances. As well as this, we owe it to the students to provide a cheap option for food (battered is good but not always super healthy!). Xananas is also awesome but not always affordable for alot of students.

I am very aware of the arguments against the reintroduction of School Dinners. It was financially unviable. However, this was when the meals were 99p. If we doubled the price then it is still very cheap. Also, if we are gettign people in the building then it means they consume other products that we sell.

I am also aware of the problems that Food and Beverage staff encounter with the kitchen in Cholo. This needs to be improved so that our service to the students can be improved.

There is currently provision for halal and kosher foods. However, it would be a good thing to investigate into the possibility of widening the variety.

There should be a greater variety of food available all the time, not just for one world week menus.

Greater variety of events in order to ensure that there is something for everyone!

The Graduate is a good, old fashioned pub. Good old fashioned pubs have jukeboxes. We need a jukebox for the Graduate.

Wonky tables: We buy new ones!

Expansion of Union South

Union South needs a massive overhaul and this is scheduled to happen in the very near future. I will work hard in order to ensure that there is sufficient funding and that the re-do of any commercial services take part with ALL students in mind!

Warwick Sport

This is an exciting new project which will change the way the student's union deals with support. Greater communication with the University with regards to sport means that there is an increase in the opportunity to lobby for greater facilities. The proposed indoor tennis courts and Olympic Swimming Pool sound awesome. The Student's Union must do anything it can in order to ensure the funding is met as well as work with the University to invest more in Sports facilities.

Warwick in Asia

The Asia Exploratory Group's research is positive with regards to the prospects of students in the UK. The report is positive and if elected I would work hard in order to ensure that the findings of the Asia Exploratory Group are carried through.

I also feel that students should be consulted with regards to the project. It is important that students are aware of events which affect them.

January 28, 2005

International Students

There needs to be greater representation of the needs of International students:

  • Ents which take into account more international students
  • Heat more frequently
  • Starting University is a big enough change. When this is added onto how difficult it is to move to a different country away from home there needs to be greater effort in order to ensure that everything else is easier for international students. This includes Visas. International Students I have spoken to wish that they had more access to help when sorting out all the documentation upon moving to this country. This needs to be changed as soon as possible. The Union must strive to make things easier for students! Starting in Warwick should be a pleasure not a daunting task!
  • More International Cuisine.
  • International Fees: The Vice Chancellor wants to increase the percentage of international fee paying students to 35% of the student population. This is for financial reasons. If this is the case then international fees must not go up any more! It is important that the Union does all it can to ensure that International students are not exploited in order to make money for the University.
  • There needs to be greater co-operation with the International Committee in order to communicate with International Students and their needs.

January 27, 2005

About me

My name is Daryl Perry. I am a 3rd year PAIS student. I have been involved in the Union for a while now. I was Social Studies Faculty Representative in my 2nd year and am currently the Communications Committee Chair (Basically, I'm responsible for advertising the non-commercial Services aspect of the Union.) I also sit on the Executive Committee of the Union. I have got involved quite a bit. I have been a freshers helper, involved in various societies and sports clubs as well as Union stuff. As well as this, in my second year, I went away to Hong Kong to study for the second half of the year.

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