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July 05, 2006

The Big sleep

Spiritually I've had a bit a 'break through' recently. Something which has proved to be an emotional block for me ever since becoming a Christian (and before) has eased. I'd like to say it's gone completely but I'm not that confident, give it a little time and I may say that. What surpprised me was my break through came in my sleep.

I'd become increasingly withdrawn and 'in my head' as a good friend calls it. I had reverted to my old way of trying to work it all out for myself I
wasn't talking to God or my friends much either. I knew I should talk to God and trust in Jesus more but I was finding it difficult. I'd shared a little with my brethren (I am getting better as my friendships and trust grow) and felt like I geting nowhere fast. Then God spoke to me in the onlyway I was allowing him to, in my sleep. The break through wasn't even about my emotional block, he just supported me and loved me. Ultimately he showed me that I couldn't do it all myself and needed him, as I realised I began to trust and then in earnest prayer the step forward happened.

The reason for calling my entry 'the big sleep' isn't because of what I have just expalained. For the last two days I have slept a great deal. Last night for example I was asleep by about 5pm, stirred at 10.30 & then went back top sleep about 11.00 and woke at 6.15am, I guess it's my subconscious
putting things into place, it's a big change in me (I hope).

So what was my emotional block (come on Darren share it).. well for anyone who gets to know me they soon realise how important my hopes of a loving marriage and family are to me in the future. Its the one thing that I was always clear I wouldn't give up for God. If someone was to say to me 'what is the one thing you want to achieve in your life that would allow you say "yes, I have lived a forfilled life"?' that would be it. It was my fear of losing this that was causing the emotional block. I also have a tendancy to tackle things head on and this was increasingly becoming a sticking point. The emotional block was becoming greater and I lost all perspective, to the point where I was looking for reasons to join another church rather than considering handing it over to God. I'm happy to say that the support I had was great and to my frustration whilst looking for the easy way they didn't faulter.

So anyway I'm getting restful sleep and my spirit stirring again.

December 09, 2005

Christian's are Human too

Yes, this may sound like a strange thing to say to someone who is seemingly on the outside (I was myself until very recently) "Christian's' are human too".

It is easy to dismiss a view or belief without really considering the individuals. To the surprise of a number of my friends and relatives I have become a Christian. To some this is a good as turning into an alien, and in some respects it could be argued that this is not far off the mark! lol

To take a more rational view;

It is just as easy for someone young to be disrespectful about older people, without considering the fact they themselves will one day become 'old'. Similarly older people can forget what it is like to be young and judge just as harshly.

Well, for Christians it can be similar (except not all humans become Christian), we are all human, just looking at life from a different prespective.

I hope, in my own imperfect way, to help clear the muddied waters for those with a non christian view. Yes I'll be truthful, in the hope they come to see the beauty in life I now see. It is often said by 'born again' Christians 'I wish I had become a Christian earlier in my life'. The important thing is not when, just that you do.

To temper that slightly, I would never try and press or cajole someone into being a Christian. It doesn't work that way, one of the beauties about it is that you only become a Christian by your own free will. This means you can relax and decide for yourself if you want to be. With that said my only recommendation is that you give some thought with an open mind and an open heart.

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